BMFI help bring safe drinking water to Gingoog City barangay

Bringing clean and safe drinking water is one of the basic needs of the people in Sitio Langguyod, Barangay Libertad in Gingoog city. A far-flung barangay, about 30 minutes to away from the city proper. Visitors will be welcomed with bumpy and paved narrow roads. The scenery tells us that it is a rural area, where their basic livelihood is farming and raising livestock. Evidence of these was the stretch of rice paddies just below the mountains and some makeshift houses filled with chickens.

The installation of Skyhydrant water filtration in the small community of about 200 households had a big impact to the residents, especially mothers and children, in the community. According to residents, it helped them address and solve the health issues such as diarrhea and skin diseases. It has been almost four (4) years since the unit was set up. People in the community used to go to city to buy distilled water which requires time, effort and money. Now, they are enjoying the free access to clean, effortless, free, and safe water.

One of the women leaders and beneficiaries of the Skyhydrant, Mrs. Adla Dalapo said that “I am thankful for the partners of Balay Mindanaw Foundation Inc., the Disaster Aid International, for choosing our Sitio to become the beneficiary of the Skyhdrant Water Filtration. It changed our lives in the community especially that we don’t need to go to the city just to buy distilled water. Maybe thank you is not enough to express how grateful we are in the installation of Skyhydrant Water Filtration but it is our way of expressing our gratitude for the partners.”

According to the Barangay Health Worker (BHW), “Before the Skyhydrant Water Filtration was installed, there were seven (7) cases of malnutrition; some cases of diarrhea from infants to adults, and skin disease cases experienced by some children. After its installation and the continued health monitoring that we do until now, the number of cases in malnutrition have decreased to only two, with zero case of diarrhea. It also helped our neighboring barangay, Bal-ason since they are able to also benefit because we allow them to fetch water here. With these, I am very grateful and thankful for the sponsors of Skyhydrant Water Filtration, to Balay Mindanaw Foundation who chose us to be their partner, and for Disaster Aid Australia for choosing Balay Mindanaw.”

With the many problems that the small community is experiencing, potable water, a basic felt need by everyone was addressed. And while BMFI and DAA feels grateful for the feedback and impact that the unit has brought to the community, it is the stories of the people and the smiles from the mothers and children that make it truly a humbling gift that will be mostly treasured.

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