General Objective​

The Women, Peace, and Security Media Awards aims to generate and sustain interest amongst journalists in gender-sensitive reporting on the two major peace processes in the Philippines.

Specific Objectives​

a) To strengthen the role of the media in improving the public’s awareness on the importance of women participation in developing local ownership of peacebuilding processes.
b) To highlight the importance of inclusive and sustainable peace processes in addressing the root causes of the conflict between the Government of the Philippines and the CPP-NPA-NDF
c) To strengthen the role of the media in generating greater awareness of the importance of women’s participation in developing local ownership of peacebuilding processes; implementing Bangsamoro Organic Law; and supporting smooth transition to the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao.
d) To shift the dominant perception of women as victims to agents of change by highlighting the four pillars of Women, Peace, and Security (women’s meaningful participation; protection of women’s rights; conflict prevention; and gender-sensitive relief and recovery).
e) To generate and sustain interest amongst journalists in gender-sensitive reporting on the different peace processes in the Philippines.

Guidelines on Nominated Materials

A. Reports must be published between March 8, 2019 and March 8, 2020 in a Philippine-based media company, entity, organization, branch of office or area of designation/assignment.

B. Categories:
i. Print
ii. Television & broadcast
iii. Online/digital, multimedia
iv. Photojournalism

Who can nominate?

• Individuals, civil society organizations, peace advocates or interested organizations can nominate entries.
• All nominations will be shortlisted by a Selection Committee composed of media practitioners and representatives of peacebuilding organizations.

Which stories to nominate?

a) Innovative and solution-driven;
b) Contributes to, or promotes, effective implementation of the Women Peace and Security Agenda and inclusive peace processes between the Government and the CPP-NPA-NDF and the MILF in the Philippines;
c) Presents a transformative narrative—showing women as agents and not only passive victims;
d) Meets the standards of ethical journalism;
e) Uses an original and engaging angle, making key messages advocating for women’s participation in peace processes accessible to a wider population;

Criteria for Judging

a) Depth of Reporting (40%) • Tackles a particular peace process comprehensively – history, problems encountered and the process of arriving to solution or compromise • Utilize available materials and makes use of a good array of sources from many sides • Highlights communities and victims of conflict b) Creative Peace Message (30%) • Engaging and moving storytelling • Creatively but clearly explains how a particular aspect of the conflict has been overcome or how stakeholders are trying to overcome it. • Puts across a message of hope c) Impact (30%) • Moves stakeholders to take action


a) There will be one (1) finalist per Category which will receive a plaque of recognition and a cash prize.
b) A Best Report will be chosen from the shortlist by the Selection Committee. The Best Report will receive a cash prize, a plaque of appreciation and participate in a media-exchange to Colombia to learn about and compare the said country’s experience of peace processes with that of the Philippines and its own context.
c) There will also be a special awardee amongst reports made by women and youth which will also receive a cash prize and a plague of appreciation.
d) An author can only receive one award, regardless of the number of nominations.
e) All entries will receive a certification of recognition.

Submission of Entries

Nominations will be accepted after on and after The International Women’s Day on March 8, 2020

Deadline of Submissions

August 8, 2020

Awarding Ceremony/ Announcement of Awardees

September 8, 2020.

Where to send nominations?

1. Download the NOMINATION FORM below

2. Email accomplished forms to:


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