The Day We Reclaimed Our Courage

Reading Tony La Viña’s note on FB about that historic day in August 21, 1983 led me to a trip back to that fateful day and the subsequent game-changing events that followed. I remember I was with some comrades in the anti-dictatorship political movement about to have our usual cheap […]

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Kaloy on BM@18: Balay Mindanaw’s founding Chair, Ibing Sylvia Okinlay-Paraguya, and Vice Chair, the late Rey Magno Teves during our first strategic planning session in 1996.

Five Days Before Balay Mindanaw’s 18th Today’s space of this reflection series gives way to a piece written by Lina Sagaral-Reyes for our 5th Anniversary. This now appears in our website. Laying down the Foundation(s) of an NGO as Mindanaoan “Home” (A short and still incomplete history of the beginnings […]

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