Peace Stalk

Is Peace Possible? [Peace Stalk on Video]

I come from the most war-ravaged region of the Philippines – Mindanaw. I work with a small NGO, Balay Mindanaw, doing modest community-based peacebuilding trying to help create spaces for dialogue in areas directly affected by violent conflicts. I am also mediating a peace process between the Philippine government and the communist Revolutionary Workers Party of Mindanao.

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Peace Stalk! My Random Thoughts

Everytime I introduce Balay Mindanaw, I would always say: It is a small NGO. I usually would get reactions of disbelief and unconvinced smile or laughter. But I am really serious about it. BM is indeed small… And hopefully, successful.

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Peace Stalk by Kaloy Manlupig

Because we pursue peace cleverly, craftily, cunningly, foxily, furtively, insidiously, intelligently, shiftily, shrewdly, stealthily… Passionately. Inclusively. I have finally decided to open this space to share with you my thoughts, some mundane, some trivial and hopefully some profound. I have been getting some words of encouragement to pursue writing and […]

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