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Women and Peace
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Women and youth are potential positive forces for peace

Women should be more involved in peace work on the aspect of participation in decision making processes, particularly in integrating women concerns and protection in the peace and development plans.

Women Peacebuilders
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Gender-Sensitivity: A Way towards a Peaceful Community

Why? Because the essence of gender sensitivity is not about who has power or authority. It refers to acknowledging the presence of the other, and understanding and respecting their choices and situations.

Call for Support
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A Call for Support [COVID19]

After a thorough collective discernment, Balay Mindanaw has decided to get directly involved by launching our own modest COVID-19 Response.

Our thoughts about some issues and concerns

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Balay Mindanaw Statement on the Illegal Search

May this be a learning experience for all of us. For the civil society, the private sector and the citizens in general to remain vigilant in protecting our rights. For the law enforcers to be mindful and true to their duty of not just enforcing laws but more importantly, of respecting the rights of every citizen.

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