November 15, 2019

Balay Mindanaw Statement on the Illegal Search

Balay Mindanaw would like to sincerely thank those who showed and sent their gestures of support to us as we struggled to make sense of the unfortunate series of events on November 12-13, 2019.

We also acknowledge the quick response from the PNP. The Bulua Station Commander personally came to Balay Mindanaw within a few hours after the incident to explain PNP’s side and apologize (the word he used). The PNP City and Regional Offices, thru their spokespersons, have also explained their side as they expressed their regret over the unfortunate wrongdoing of the involved police officers.

We also thank the media for helping bring this issue to public attention.

While we tend to believe and accept PNP’s explanation, we are also dutybound to take approriate action. We will soon formally file a report to appropriate bodies.

May this be a learning experience for all of us. For the civil society, the private sector and the citizens in general to remain vigilant in protecting our rights. For the law enforcers to be mindful and true to their duty of not just enforcing laws but more importantly, of respecting the rights of every citizen.

Balay Mindanaw as a peacebuilding NGO has been engaged in helping build inclusive peace for many years. We are actively involved in security sector partnership, peace education, various peace processes and in the various peace and order councils (POCs) from the barangay to the region.

We assure our partners in government, LGUs, the security sector, the revolutionary groups, CSOs, private sector, resource partners both local and international, that this unfortunate incident has not diminished our commitment to help build lasting, just and inclusive PEACE.

Balay Mindanaw November 15, 2019

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