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Balay Mindanaw Earthquake Response Nov 8, 2019

While we intend to follow the same approach in our work in North Cotabato, we can only do so if we are assured of sufficient funds.

Barangay-Focused, Community-Based Work

While we intend to follow the same approach in our work in North Cotabato, we can only do so if we are assured of sufficient funds. For now, we still do not have the necessary funds to do this. So we have adjusted our interventions and decided to focus on doing PSS and distributing SjyHydrant safe drinking water in jerry cans, some tents, mosquito nets, school kits and other goods that we still have to the communities identified by the Oblates of Mary Immaculate (OMI) and the Notre Dame Broadcasting Corporation (NDBC).

In the meantime, we have agreed with our established international partners that they may already indicate in their proposals Balay Mindanaw as their local partner, and the barangays that we are currently serving with OMI and NDBC as possible focus barangays.

Once we get assurance from our international partners that more substantial funds are coming, we go back to the time-tested community-based barangay-focused approach.

I am sharing again what I wrote in the past about our DR work. I have made some revisions to make it more current and relevant.

Staying Community-Focused and Barangay Based

Now, it is time to return to our community-focused, barangay-based approach. This is the approach that we have developed and embraced in the aftermath of the Sendong and Pablo disasters. This approach enables us to focus our limited resources as we accompany the communities as they struggle to rise from the disaster. This approach, which has the barangay as the focus and locus of intervention, also enables convergence of efforts and resources from various sectors instead of the “pitsi-pitsi” aid to many communities – a hundred tarps here, a hundred food packs there, a few repair kits there, with no significant long-term impact.

This approach has worked so well in Barangay Ban-ao, Baganga, Davao Oriental. It is now time to have our “New Ban-ao” in North Cotabato.

While we continue providing relevant and necessary assistance to many barangays, we must now begin going back to our approach.

Our immediate task then is to identify one barangay each in the earthquake-hit municipalities . In these barangays, we will do what we did in Ban-ao. Accompany them until they are strong and resilient enough.

And then, we move on.

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