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Balay Mindanaw DREAM Marawi Response July 2, 2017

Balay Mindanaw DREAM


Updates for the week


 Providing potable water to affected families

To grapple with the everyday challenges of providing safe and clean drinking water, two units of Skyhydrant under the custody of the National Incident Management Team (NIMT) are available to help prevent water borne diseases in evacuation centers in the province of Lanao de Norte. Acute watery diarrhea remains in the top 5 common illnesses in the evacuation centers according to the Department of Health (DOH).

The Balay Midnanaw team met the third batch of the NIMT last June 28, 2017 (Wednesday) and oriented them on the Skyhydrant as well as actual demonstration of the units, particularly the personnel from Bureau of Fire Protection who came from the different regions. The BMFI team was ready to augment the lack of personnel as well to operate the Skyhydrants to ensure that there will be no delays and missing days in the provision of potable water.

On June 29-July 2, 2017 (Thursday – Sunday), BMFI team with the BFP went to the evacuation areas assigned by the NIMT to us for the water rationing.

Initiating the strategy of convergence of efforts as we partner with the NIMT, we brought on to the convergence table – Skyhydrants, manpower, and vehicle resources.  It became cost efficient not only to BMFI, but to all partners as well. As of July 2, we have already provided a total of 60,485 liters of potable water to IDPs at the Evacuation Centers in Balo-I, Pantar and Pantao-Ragat.


A. Debriefing of PSS Trainors

16 participants were able to attend and undergo the processing last June 27 facilitated by Lyra Verzosa, Bebot Rodil and the Balay Mindanaw PSS Team. Below are some of the highlights and commitments of the trained volunteers:

  • Volunteer to help in the Peace in Our hearts Movement (every Saturday)
  • Willing to help in the emergency response of BalayMindanaw – as volunteers, whenever and wherever needed
  • Be a youth volunteer in actual pss – for children
  • Join in the dialogue sessions
  • Willing to mobilize youth participation in other peacebuilding initiatives



A. Meeting with Mokiin M. Maunda, RSW (MSWDO-Tamparan), EOC NIMT and BMFI

Context: Call of Tamparan for humanitarian assistance brought about by Marawi siege

It was reported that there are 786 home based IDPs in Tamaparan, Lanao del Sur. However, aside from assistance from ARMM-HEART and DSWD, there are no relief goods being brought there because the security is not yet not cleared by the military, hence humanitarian NGOs/INGOs has limited or no presence at all in the municipality. The distance from Iligan to Tamparan is 8 hours.

On water source:
1. Deep well source – not potable; there is reservoir in municipal hall
2.There is pump available in the water reservoir currently there’s no electricity
On health:
Cases of water borne – nearby (two) hospitals are full because of cases like this.
It was agreed in the meeting to test the quality of existing water sources in the area and explore alternatives to initially put up the water system. It was also agreed to bring this information to the next NEOC meeting for possibility of other organizations to help.

B. NDRRMC Emergency Operations Center Inter-Cluster meeting (June 29, 2017)

Below are some of the highlights of the meeting:

  1. CCCM and IDP protection:Set a timeline as to the closure of the IDP registration considering that Marawi siege is now on its 38th day; improper drainage in some ECs esp in Buru-un; decongest overcrowded and still increasing IDPs inside ECs; case managers needed to handle child protection; coordinated with LGU to transfer IDPs in Abdul Azis in Balo-i; gap is multiple registration, discharged IDPs returned to Maria CristinaAction points:
    DOH: on drainage, this was looked into
    Logistics: to prioritize electric wrong and breaker for outlets used in Buru-un gym; just request

    2. Food and NFIs

    Needs: portable urinals, flashlights, slippers for kids, umbrellas for kids; kitchen kits; blankets; sleeping mats; mosquito nets; hygiene kits; electric fans

    118, 101,994 pesos provided by DSWD; 70.08M extended to IDPs

    Usual food items: 6kgs rice, 4 cans sardines, 2 cans corned beef, 2 meat loaf, etc.

    On one DAFAC (Disaster Assistance and Family Access Card) per family – Gap: daily increase of IDPs affects the distribution

    3. WASH

    Request for additional water bladder for drinking; need for conjugal areas for IDPs

    MHPSS PROVIDERS FOR Maranao-speaking IDPS is still lacking; partner agencies who conducted MHPSS have not submitted their report

    27 validated casualties reported from hospitals (pre-condition cases)
    Upper respiratory tract infection due to overcrowding, heat, skin diseases, hypertension, acute respiratory illnesses , acute watery diarrhea- 153 cases; dental cases ongoing

    Lack of health personnel in ARMM
    Lack of jerry cans
    Need to relieve DOH HEALTH personnel in ECs

    4. Logistics

    Lack of portalets and hygiene kits; no distribution plan yet

    5. Emergency Telecommunications

    Needs: Data encoders for master listing; provision for internet connection in Marawi capitol; enhancement of cellular signal

C. MHPSS Cluster Meeting (June 27, 2017)

  1. DOH 10 MHPSS and WHO facilitated and documented the meeting while they also coordinate with the cluster members. Next schedules of MHPSS Cluster meeting will be every Friday (will not be the same with other cluster meetings) so that other agencies can attend at the same time they can attend the other cluster meeting. Iligan City Health Office and DOH Region 10 should be together in one MHPSS Cluster Meeting
  2. Reminded all Service Providers to provide reports and updates in order for the MHPSS Cluster to consider in its report to the region (OPCEN) and to the national level (a format was provided but any format may also be accepted)
  3. PSS Activities for adults – suggested to consider the needs of PWDs, Mothers, those with special needs. PSS Activities for kids – consider segregating them and also those children with health needs as well as special needs
  4. Psycho-education and IEC materials –The cluster has already developed a Maranao version and peace-themed IEC material which was consolidated by MSU-IIT which can be shared after pre-testing, review and approved by the TWG. Future materials should also consider children with special needs
  5. The cluster will be conducting a Media Briefing for the press people to be oriented on the terms being used (like stress debriefing, stress management, sensitivity, halal, haram, etc.)
  6. Balay Mindanaw was invited by one of the members of the cluster (Ranao Rescue Team-Ranao Foundation Inc.) to be in partnership with the PEACE IN OUR HEARTS MOVEMENT. This is an initiative by the Inspired Young Optimists Guild (IYOG) of MSU Marawi. They will be focusing on providing arts activities to children of IDPs, adopting 1-2 schools, providing school uniforms and in installing child friendly spaces. This will run every saturday for the next 3 months. Balay Mindanaw was invited also by MSU IIT in the education cluster for module development and capacity building, dialogue and advocacy.

D. WASH Cluster Meeting (June 27, 2017)


  • Acknowledged Cluster members who shared their inputs to the WASH Cluster Mapping / Monitoring Tool thru Google Drive: DOH-RO X, Humanitarian Resource Consortium (HRC), UNICEF, Philippine Red Cross, Balay Mindanaw, Catholic Relief Services
  • All results of water quality tests for water sources in SND and Balo-i were presented and findings showed presence of E.coli
  • Continuing need for setting-up of bladders and provision of potable water to ECs and even host barangays with home-based IDPs. Cluster members committed to provide and address these concerns – cluster members adopting areas and complementing available resources


Cash received:

As of July 1, 2017, we have received a total of P1,085,040.35 cash donations from the following:

Date Reference Donor Amount (PHP)
05/29/17 17851 AMSUA INCAO            10,000.00
05/29/17 17853 MIREN SANCHEZ – GEN SAN                    29,500.00
05/29/17 17854 ESTER ISBERTO – MSU GENSAN                    10,000.00
05/30/17 17852 SALLY JO BELLOSILLO  – CEALESTIS PRODUCTIONS                    10,000.00
05/31/17 17855 ESTER ISBERTO – MSU GENSAN                    10,000.00
06/01/17 17856 MIRIAM COLLEGE                    17,000.00
06/01/17 17857 CABUSTAM CLUSTER                    30,000.00
06/02/17 17858 ANONYMOUS                       2,500.00
06/02/17 17859 PAG INUPDANAY C/O TEODY PENA                    10,000.00
06/02/17 17861 ANONYMOUS                       3,000.00
06/07/17 17862 NATCCO NETWORK                    20,000.00
06/07/17 17860 C/0 VASMA HASSAN – MSU-GENSAN                    12,684.00
06/07/17 17863 ANONYMOUS                       2,000.00
06/08/17 17864 MINCODE                    50,000.00
06/09/17 17865 ANONYMOUS                       2,000.00
06/13/17 17866 ANONYMOUS                       6,000.00
06/14/17 17867 ENFID GERMANY                    32,156.35
06/14/17 17868 FSSI                  500,000.00
06/15/17 17869 ANONYMOUS                    15,000.00
06/19/17 17870 PAG INUPDANAY                    20,000.00
06/23/17 17871 SAMDHANA                  289,200.00
06/23/17 17872 ANONYMOUS                       1,000.00
06/29/17 17873 MAANN BALUTE PACION                       3,000.00
Total         1,085,040.35

 Disbursements as of July 1 is P737,777.35.

 Non-cash received:

Date Donor Organization / Address Qty. Items  Estimated Cost
CSWD Cagayan De Oro 20 Sacks Rice           35,000.00
06/01/17 TEAM ENERGY 1,000 PACKS FOOD PACKS        250,000.00
SINTACTICS 26 Packs Of 1.5 Kls Red Rice             2,000.00
06/22/17 VIOLETA CORRAL QUEZON CITY 1 Box Used Clothing             1,000.00
TOTAL 792,000.00



Name Organization / Address Amount
Total   P18,075.00


For those who have not been acknowledged, please send us a copy of your deposit slip so that we can acknowledge you accordingly.

You can also help by depositing whatever you can to these bank accounts:

Balay Mindanaw Foundation Inc.
Xavier Branch
BDO Peso Account #001769022630

Balay Mindanaw Foundation Inc.
Xavier Branch
BDO Dollar Account #101760196639

We were able to do all these because of your donations and support…Thank you very much to all our donors and volunteers….




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