Balay Mindanaw DREAM Updates as of June 4, 2017

Our CDO Team are also continuing their coordination with the CSWD and Interfaith groups, particularly in the data profiling of home-based evacuees in CDO and Opol.

Marawi Emergency Response
Balay Mindanaw DREAM
Updates as of June 4, 201



Iligan City

We have turned over the following to partners in Iligan City:

  • 20 pieces of tarpaulins and 2 tents to the MSU-IIT Team / Bebot Rodil
  • 5 pieces of tarpaulins and 4 tents to the Ranao Rescue Team / Young Moro Professionals Network (YMPN)
  • 2 tents to Sta. Elena Evacuation Center / Modern Nanays

The two tents turned-over to Sta. Elena EC have been set-up by the team together with some of the evacuees to be used as safe space for women and children.  There are currently 249 families staying at the Evacuation Center with a total of 1,143 individuals, 31 of which are solo parents, 37 Senior Citizens, 1 PWD, 51 4Ps, 31 pregnant women and 24 lactating mothers. Immediately after setting-up, a mother already made use of the space to feed her less than a year old child.


The same tents provided to the Ranao Rescue Team was supposed to be also set-up at the Buruun Evacuation Center, but was put on hold as there was information that the EC will be closed for the opening of classes and the IDPs will be moved to another area.

MYDev c/o Xty Lumaad has informed they have out-of-school-youth evacuees who are now in Iligan and can be mobilized to do volunteer work, as this might be a good outlet for them to recover from their recent experience in Marawi.

Cagayan de Oro City and Misamis Oriental

Our CDO Team are also continuing their coordination with the CSWD and Interfaith groups, particularly in the data profiling of home-based evacuees in CDO and Opol.

As of June 3, the CSWD has recorded a total of 867 home-based families (4,187 individuals) staying in 21 barangays in the city. 485 families (1,520 individuals) in Barra, Opol and 23 families (68 individuals) in Alubijid have also been recorded.


White Flag Campaign

Bibing attended the Core Group Meeting for the White Flag Campaign with Pailig (Bob Q), Maradeca (Salic), Ryan Rosauro and Bebot Rodil and PAILIG has finally agreed to serve as the nerve center for the campaign. Highlights of the discussions / agreements are the following:

  • For the group to go to Marawi, specifically at the capitol area, on June 8 and stay there for the night to join Iftar. The group will also distribute food packs and help rescue IDPs who have texted for help. This action was thought of to show solidarity and support.
  • Betchak to get clearing from the MILF, Balay Mindanaw (Ayi) and OPAPP to get clearing from the AFP, and Sultan and Bin Laden to connect to Maute. A formal FYI letter will be drafted by Abel Moya. Support groups are encouraged to secure food packs and other relief goods, vehicle trucks for the rescued IDPs. Updating and finalization of the plan will be on Monday (June 5) and will be meeting at the same place and time. Situation is still volatile, as per update from Bob Q. We need to refer to the local ground troops for advice, and not from the top officials.

As shared by Betchak, there is reportedly a forged agreement between the GRP, MILF and the militants for a two-hour ceasefire. Information is from her key MILF contact but this will still have to be validated. Kaloy has suggested for the group to get in touch with Asec. Dickson Hermoso who is currently assigned to take lead in the rescue operations of those who are in the innermost / center of the armed conflict. He is the GRPs representative in the Humanitarian Corridor with the MI.


We also facilitated meetings of different Iligan-based CSOs with IDEALS who intends to help re-establish the legal identities of people affected by disasters. Among the CSOs they met are representatives from PAILIG, BUC, DUterte Kitchen, SALAM, RDHRRAC, CPCS, and Ryan Rosauro from PDI. They were warmly welcomed by the group who offered to help facilitate the pilot legal mission at Upper Hinaplanon EC.

They also met with the Ranao Rescue Team and the group is excited of this unique support, which they described as very humanitarian – my name/my ID, my right! RRT also invited other groups and personalities, including the Dean of MSU Law School. Instantly, an orientation with the volunteer lawyers and paralegals, which will be mobilized by the Dean, is set on June 6. Actual simulation will be conducted at the Monera EC, where 140 families are currently staying.

Egad from IDEALS said that they will set-up an office at BMFI and will contract out Bebot Rodil to do a PSS every time they will conduct a legal mission.

Other Information

Had a chance to meet the Suicide Squad, who have only rescued 134 IDPs for the day (June 4), against their target of 400 individuals, and informed that exchange of gunshots is still ongoing.

According to the EC enumerators, only 2,000 out of the 20,000 IDPs have only been served. Around 4,000 IDPs are staying at Madrasahs / home-based and not very often reached by assistance. Food, medicine for sick children, prayer mats, malong and water were articulated as priority needs.



Cash received:

As of June 2, 2017, we have received a total of P129,000.00 cash donations from the following:

Date Reference Donor Amount
05/29/17 17851 Amsua Incao P10,000.00
05/29/17 17853 Miren Sanchez – Gen San 29,500.00
05/29/17 17854 Ester Isberto – Msu Gensan 10,000.00
05/30/17 17852 Sally Jo Bellosillo  – Cealestis Productions 10,000.00
5/31/17 17855 Ester Isberto – Msu Gensan 10,000.00
06/01/17 17856 Miriam College 17,000.00
06/01/17 17857 Cabustam Cluster 30,000.00
06/02/17 17858 Anonymous 2,500.00
06/02/17 17859 PAG INUPDANAY C/O TEODY PENA 10,000.00
Total     P129,000.00

Disbursements as of June 2 is P20,882.35.

Non-cash received:

Donor Organization / Address Qty. Items
CSWD Cagayan de Oro 20 sacks Rice
Steph / SYnTacTICS / ICT Cagayan de Oro Food packs, hygiene kits, non-food items (sleepers and blankets)

The donations from an Eisenhower Fellow and other colleagues from SYnTacTICS were given to the 42 Dansalan College teachers who were finally rescued and already on their way to Iligan.  The distribution was facilitated by Xx and her family who went to Iligan yesterday to meet and provide comfort to the teachers and their children.


Name / Organization Address Amount
Total   268,075.00


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