March 2016

Peace Stalk

Is Peace Possible? [Peace Stalk on Video]

I come from the most war-ravaged region of the Philippines – Mindanaw. I work with a small NGO, Balay Mindanaw, doing modest community-based peacebuilding trying to help create spaces for dialogue in areas directly affected by violent conflicts. I am also mediating a peace process between the Philippine government and the communist Revolutionary Workers Party of Mindanao.

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Revisiting an old advocacy: Establishment of the Department of Peace in PH

Is this something new? Definitely not. For instance, USA has a long legislative history that dates to the first years of the republic. This advocacy started as early as 1793 when Dr. Benjamin Rush, considered as a Founding Father of USA, being a signatory of the Declaration of Independence, wrote an essay calling for the establishment of a Peace Office with equal footing with the Department of War.

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