Aleosan BDP Review (1)

Communities plan ahead for peace and development in Aleosan

A barangay official says key to development of barangays are their long-term development plans which they formulate with their respective development councils.


Aleosan BDP Review (1)

By: John Rizle Saligumba

“You want development? Plan ahead”, says a barangay official on the importance of long-term, participatory, barangay development plans

Aleosan, COTABATO – A barangay official says key to development of barangays are their long-term development plans which they formulate with their respective development councils.

“Barangay Captains always want something good for the barangay. You want development? Show me your three-year or five-year plan,” said Barangay New Panay Chairperson Lolita Capilitan, the sole woman barangay captain in the town of Aleosan.

Capilitan said that “when the leaders look for resources to support the programs in their barangays, funders always ask whether the project are in the AIP (Annual Investment Plan) or in the three or five-year plan of the barangay.”

The barangay underwent Barangay Peace and Development Planning through Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA – BDP), an approach which involves multiple sectors of the community in analyzing data and identifying priority problems.

Following the PRA – BDP, Barangay New Panay was able to access resources from outside the barangay to fund priority projects such as the farm to market road.

Other priority projects identified by the barangays include conflict resolution, agricultural support, waters systems, health support, madrasah (Islamic School) and capacity building for the leaders and its constituency.

Last September 30 – October 2, Capilitan along with other sixty-five barangay officials and key leaders in the town of Aleosan, Cotabato participated in the Barangay Development Planning Review and Project Brief Writeshop.

The three-day workshop aimed to fine-tune draft Barangay Development Plans (BDP) and Barangay Profiles prior to its final stage of packaging and production.

The BDP is considered as the “bible” of the barangays in implementing its programs.

The three-day workshop was held September 30 – October 2 of this year at the Rooftop of the Municipal Hall of the Municipality of Aleosan.

The workshop set five objectives:

First, to review barangay governance and development planning through participatory process.

Second, to review and enhance the profile in their barangay development plan.

Third, to finalize the top 10 priority projects with a written project briefs.

Fourth, to plan for the upcoming Stakeholders’ Forum where their plans will be initially scheduled on December 3

Finally, to strengthen the solidarity of the barangays and participants of the activity.

Some participants shared that the review of profiles and plans are important prior to its final submission to the Municipal Planning and Development Council.

“This is to ensure that the priority needs are duly recognized and a plan suitable to the situation is formulated,” said Barangay Pagangan Chair Gregorio Guanzon

Section 106 of the Local Government Code of 199 says that “each local government unit shall have a comprehensive multi-sectoral development plan to be initiated by its Development Council and approved by its Sanggunian.”

The profiles and plans were finalized after the workshop and will be packaged for production in both vernacular and English versions.

The Municipaity of Aleosan has expressed support for the program and has committed to help in matching with other resources and also in the production of the said plans.

The barangays represented during the workshop were Barangay Dunguan, Luanan, Tapodoc, San Mateo, Dualing, Malapang, Palacat, New Panay, Pagangan, and Bagolibas.

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