Building Capacities for Mediation Among Women in Asia

Balay Mindanaw’s Charmaine Mae “Xx” Baconga was able to attend a training on “Building Capacities for Mediation Among Women in Asia” in Bucharest, Romania. This was organized by the Asia-Pacific Women’s Alliance for Peace and Security (APWAPS) in cooperation with Mediators Beyond Borders (MBB)and was held on April 20-26, 2015.

An article on the APWAPS website cites her key learnings from the training below:

  • First learning; mediation never works when parties do not TRUST the mediator, and second, if they do not trust the PROCESS itself.
  • Second learning; self assessment on how best you can be at your present state is necessary as we continue our own peacebuilding practice.
  • Third learning; sharing our own experiences and listening to others experiences as well enriches your awareness and practice.
  • Fourth learning; the solidarity of the participants and the trainers has been solid that hopefully will sustain the passion and the drive to continue with our work as we contribute in transforming communities and ourselves in the process as well.
  • Fifth learning; dangerous dialogues and courageous conversations require a lifelong commitment and start from within. It is worth the risk as long as we can help peoples and communities transform relationships and conflicts.

To read more about the training, please read the article on the APWAPS website.

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