Kaloy: Three Days Before Balay Mindanaw’s 18th

Today, we had a whole-day learning session on Report Writing. This was in response to an expressed need of the staff to acquire better skills in writing reports and submitting them on time.

I will share my thoughts on report writing some other time. This time I will share my thoughts on another theme which I believe is very much a part of our journey…

Developing A Culture of Excellence in Balay Mindanaw

Excellence is about giving our best all the time, and not about claiming that we are the best. The first one is humility. The second one is arrogance.

Unfortunately, we sometimes mistake one for the other.

This culture of excellence should start with how we treat our colleagues. Our work with people requires that we give priority to nurturing, developing, building and transforming relationships.

We are expected to be real fellow pilgrims and friends to each other, concerned with each one’s welfare, hold each one’s hands in times of needs and difficulties, celebrate victories together, care for and love one another – never to give up on each other.

Those with bigger management responsibilities must not forget that they are mentors and formators first, and are constantly called to be rag-pickers.

We have always believed in constantly enhancing the capabilities and educational preparations of our staff. At least ten of our colleagues have successfully completed their Masters’ degrees, staff are regularly sent to courses both locally and abroad. We pay attention to every detail concerning staff advancement.

As we continue to create and offer our colleagues spaces for building their capacities and self-confidence, we are constantly reminded not to give up easily on others, lose faith in others, treat others as mere employees or workers who could be fired whenever they commit mistakes or fail to deliver on their tasks.

We can only give what we have

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