Kaloy: Four Days before Balay Mindanaw’s 18th

I humbly share with you a copy of the first ever Balay Mindanaw documents – the concept note for its establishment and my official invitation letter dated January 10, 1996 to Ibing inviting her to be a member of the Founding Board.

Today, I would like to give my most sincere recognition, appreciation and deepest gratefulness to Gerry Bulatao. He inspired, encouraged (even goaded) me to pursue my dream of setting up Balay Mindanaw. The formulation of this concept paper was even funded by KAISAHAN with Gerry as the Executive Director then.

Incidentally, Ibing sent me a text message from Quebec this morning. I hope she will not mind my sharing her message: “Here in Quebec. Jet lag. Thanks for trusting me as Chair of BMFI. I know it was there where I learned about direction and working with great guys – RMT (Rey Teves) and Gerry Bu. Overwhelming…. I believe that CEO and management still key. Boards come and go.
May I we always remember our modest past…”

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