Kaloy: Seven days before Balay Mindanaw’s 18th

May 1, Labor Day, is also the feast day for St. Joseph, the worker, the patron saint of our village.

It has been a long day of celebrations as our day started early with the blessing and dedication of our tambayan which is actually an extension of our current residence.

At lunch time, our family, neighbors and friends feasted on lechon baboy and lechon kambing (roasted pig and roasted goat) which were brought by Balay Mindanaw colleagues. Of course, the customary beers and happy conversations completed the menu.

And this has been our life for the past eighteen years – celebrating life, celebrating our journey together.

We always find reason to celebrate. We celebrate our small victories, even as we emerge wiser from our mistakes and our failures.

We sing, we dance, we live, we serve.

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