Agaton ER No. 8

This weekend the team here in Gingoog City spent time gathering data, and receiving and repacking the relief goods.
Relief Goods
Yesterday, we received relief goods delivered by Sgt. Harris Turno of the 58th IB, 4th ID from Cagayan de Oro. Considering the great need in the areas where food supply from the city has been cut off, we repacked the relief goods today so that each pack contains the following:
– 3kg rice
– 4 canned goods (mix of sardines, corned beef and tuna)
– 5 packs of soda crackers
– 1 sachet of milo
– 1 sachet of coffee
Our deepest gratitude to the 58th IB for transporting the relief goods, and to the youth volunteers from our home barangay 23 of Gingoog City for repacking them! Huge thanks to Eric Palmes for organizing our quick and energetic volunteers: Renan, Kris Darrel, Mary Ann, Jane, Hames, Dave Israel, Sojie, Jhenylin, Vergie May, Jocelyn, Nikka, Jerry, Ariel and Sherwin.
Our inventory as of today is:
– 590 complete food packs
– 250 containers of Tubig Mindanaw
Data Gathering and Networking
Ate Love has been in contact with the communities in Sangalan and Eureka. There is still a data gap concerning affected persons, since some sitios are still unreachable due to landslides and flood-damaged roads.
Eureka is a barangay with about 423 households (updated count given by the barangay as of 1oPM today). According to our contacts from Eureka, about 200 individuals have evacuated to Impaluhod Elementary School in Sitio Impaluhod. In Sitio Dukdukaan, the water system project worth about 600k that Balay Mindanaw helped establish 5 years ago has been washed out. Sitio Boliguihan reported being affected by floods. Other Sitios are yet to give a situationer. However, because several roads, such as the one over the spillway near Kamanikan has been damaged, our contacts report that there is a food shortage in the barangay.
Barangay Sangalan has reported the same situation – landslides, barely accessible sitios, and food shortages.  No data has been forwarded on Sangalan yet, but we will be speaking to the barangay captain tomorrow morning.
The situation has gotten so desperate that the barangay captain of Sangalan and a representative from Eureka are coming down tomorrow to make negotiations with Balay Mindanaw and the LGU about relief goods. (The LGU has also committed to sending relief goods to both barangays, and have already also sent additional relief to Kamanikan and Kalipay among others.) There will be a breakfast meeting here at the Kalambuan Center, where we can hopefully make arrangements and then proceed with the relief distribution as soon as possible.
Thank you very much!
We refuse to be victims.
We choose to be resources.

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