Agaton ER No. 7

Good day, friends and partners!

Even after the LPA has dissipated, light to moderate rains are still affecting parts of Mindanao including Cagayan de Oro and Gingoog City. This, along with the weakened upland formations, have resulted in even more landslides and rockslides. Here is our latest report:

1551729_802493633099771_191457114_nOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Photos of the Balantian landslide before and after it was cleared by the CDRRMO and the DPWH


Cagayan de Oro

111 families in 9 barangays in CDO were reported to be affected by landslides. These include 9 families in Carmen, 36 families in Calaanan and 28 families in Malasag. These affected areas are for immediate assessment by the Mines and Geohazards Bureau.

Currently, we still need to assess if there is any additional need to supplement the city’s efforts to provide these communities with relief.



There is still high risk for additional landslides in the mountainous Gingoog City. On-and-off rains have also raised water levels upstream, damaging spillways and rendering several communities inaccessible.


Barangay Punong

Barangay Punong is located along the national highway. According to initial data, it has a total population of about 1,246, with 250 families. About 13 families were affected by the landslide.

Another landslide was reported today along the national highway. The CDRRMC and the DPWH are currently doing clearing as well as search and retrieval operations in this area for this landslide incident and the ones that occurred in the previous days. Two bodies were found, while an undetermined number of bodies still remain trapped underneath. The landslide area is beginning to smell of decay.

These casualties were primarily commuters. No casualties were reported by Barangay Punong. However, families living in at-risk areas are still displaced and classes have yet to resume.

Yesterday, we had distributed food packs to the evacuees in Punong.


Barangays Kamanikan, Kalipay, Sangalan, Eureka and Malinao

Our community partners have reported that the water over the spillway going to Kamanikan, Kalipay, Sangalan and Eureka is now waist-deep. This, in addition to the strong current of the river flowing from uphill, poses yet another challenge to these communities who already have difficulty accessing food supplies.

We have also received reports that the road going to Malinao is unpassable due to floods.

Initially, we have the following data as posted in our Emergency Response update No. 5:

Barangays Total Population Total Number of Families
Malinao 3,800 individuals No data
Kamanikan 1,500 individuals 300 families
Kalipay 4,062 individuals 610 families
Eureka 2,400 individuals 464 families


We hope to gather more updated data from the DSWD tomorrow prior to initiating another wave of relief efforts in this location. As of now, we consider these hinterland landslide-affected barangays to be a priority for relief.

Yesterday, we delivered food packs and water to Barangay Kamanikan. This was later supplemented by the LGU. (See entry on networking below.)


Barangay Bal-ason


Coordination with Barangay Captain Panfilo Carisosa of Barangay Balantian.

Another barangay that was affected by landslides is Barangay Bal-ason, also in the uplands of Gingoog City. According to initial data, Bal-ason has a population of 3,204 individuals or 598 families. About 19 families were reported to be affected by the landslides.

Bal-ason is accessible through the Balantian road at Barangay Libon. Yesterday, we documented a massive landslide on this road. However, the CDRRMC and the DPWH have since cleared the area, and it is now passable.

In Bal-ason, the community showed us a massive unreported landslide in Sitio Taon-taon, covering an area of about 7 hectares. The landslide destroyed community’s water system and about 5 farms. There were no known casualties from the community as the residents were not around during the time of the landslide. However, this incident has adversely affected their access to water, and is likely to have a negative impact on the farmers’ income.

Here, we distributed 123 food packs and 125 containers of Tubig Mindanaw to Barangay Bal-ason. 38 of these were given directly to the residents of Taon-taon while the rest were turned over to the barangay captain for distribution in Sitios Olikip and Mangilit, IP areas which were also affected by landslides.


Landslide in Sito Taon-taon covering an area of 7 hectares. It has destroyed the community’s water system and 5 farms.



We would like to thank the CDRRMO, the City Engineer’s Office and the 58th IB once again for providing us with transportation of our relief goods to the community.

We would also like to commend the CDRRMO and DPWH for their quick action in clearing the roads going to the hinterland communities. These communities would have been inaccessible to any relief efforts without this timely action.

As of today, the Gingoog City LGU has distributed sacks of rice to Barangays Kalipay and Kamanikan. The GMA Foundation has also distributed 2000 food packs to coastal barangays.


Relief distribution in Sitio Taon-taon, Barangay Bal-ason


Additional goods that we had prepositioned in the Balay Mindanaw DREAM House in Cagayan de Oro are now being prepared for transport to Gingoog City.

Thank you very much.

We refuse to be victims.

We choose to be resources.

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