Agaton ER No. 5

Good morning! Here is Balay Mindanaw DREAM Team’s update as of 11pm of January 22, 2014:

The LPA affecting the Philippines has since dissipated. The tropical depression, internationally known as Lingling and locally known as Agaton, poured heavy rains over many parts of Mindanao. The rains have caused the river levels to rise, putting many people at risk for floods. In addition, they have caused landslides and compromised transportation due to broken bridges.

Thus Balay Mindanaw has been monitoring and/or providing relief to its partner areas, namely: Cagayan de Oro City, Gingoog City, Aleosan in North Cotabato, and Cagwait and Lianga in Surigao del Sur. Aleosan has had very little rain, and there has been no need for evacuation there. Some communities in Cagwait and Lianga have evacuated, but have since returned to their homes.

This report focuses on Cagayan de Oro City and Gingoog City:


Cagayan de Oro City

There have been occasional light to moderate rains over Cagayan de Oro City, although the sky is beginning to clear. As of 8am today, Code Orange was lifted. There is now no warning over Cagayan de Oro. All classes have resumed.

All evacuees at the Iponan, Macasandig and Bonbon have returned to their homes. All Carmen evacuees have returned to their homes as well, except for five families who have lost their houses due to landslides at zone 8 of Carmen.

There is currently no need for additional relief backup/assistance in Cagayan de Oro City, although a needs assessment for psychosocial support may be in order.

Here is a summary of Balay Mindanaw’s interventions in Cagayan de Oro.

We have done pre-emptive evacuation of BM staff, family and friends who live in low-lying and flood-prone areas to the Balay Mindanaw Peace Center. On January 20, 2014 (as well as previous days when flood threat was high, particularly in Iponan) 40 evacuees sought refuge in BMPC. As water levels began to drop, evacuees started moving back to their homes. On January 21, 2014, 21 evacuees remained in the BMPC. Later that evening, all evacuees at the BMPC have returned to their homes.

Relief goods were also distributed to communities who expressed the need for additional food supplies. 6 sacks of rice and 248 wow ulam tetra packs were distributed to the community kitchen in Barangay Bonbon. 7 sacks of rice were turned over to Barangay Iponan for repacking and distribution.

Food and water stocks were been prepositioned in anticipation of any untoward event. Health kits and additional supplies were also been prepared. These stocks are to be diverted to Gingoog City, where there have been multiple landslides. Transport of relief has begun last night.



Gingoog City/Misamis Oriental

1 lane of Balingasag road is already passable.

There has been light and moderate rainfall over Gingoog City, and the skies remain gloomy. At about 9pm, the Gingoog team reported heavy rains, which have persisted beyond 11pm.

Another landslide has been monitored in Sitio Dulao, Kamanikan. One family is said to be affected by this landslide. Evacuees are currently staying at the school.

The CDRRMC has provided relief items to some barangays. However, hinterland barangays still have critical need for relief, particularly food, water and medicines. Barangay Kalipay, in particular, has identified the need for safe drinking water. The City Health Office had provided water treatment pills, but these are now running out.

Here is the initial data we have gathered on the hinterland barangays as of 3pm yesterday:



Total Population

# of Families

# of Families affected

# of individuals

Priority needs


Punong 1,246 250 13 families 56 Food, water, meds These families stayed in neighbor’s house
Malinao 3,800   20 families 100 Food and water Brgy hall, other families are sitio based
Kamanikan 1,500 300 23 families 106 Food and water Sitio based
Kalipay 4,062 610 30 families 50 Food and water Sitio based
Bal-ason 3,204 598 19 families 92 Food and water, meds families residing in temporary evacuation centers in Sitio Taon-Taon and Sitio Olikip
Eureka 2,400 464       No contact yet
Total     105 families 404 individuals    



1.      Initial data gathered is expected to increase tomorrow

2.      CDRRMO Gingoog indicated that they were only able to respond to urban barangays (coastal and lowland). They now need backup/assistance for rural and upland barangays, where there has been some difficulty due to the weather, landslides and transportation.

3.      Other groups/responders who are on their way to Gingoog is Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity with ABS-CBN’s Sagip Kapamilya



There are no more evacuees at the Kalambuan Center. However, the team has been on alert and making preparations since heavy rains resumed in the City.

The DREAM Team from Cagayan de Oro, including some VOICE Network volunteers is on their way to Gingoog City to augment relief operations for landslide-affected persons.


In the meantime, news indicate that river levels in Butuan City still remain high.

Thank you very much!

We refuse to be victims.

We choose to be resources.

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