Agaton ER No. 4

 Balay Mindanaw’s DREAM Team is continuing to monitor our areas for ill effects of the tropical depression Agaton (which has since weakened into a low-pressure are). As of 11PM today, rainfall advisories have been terminated by the DOST PAG-ASA. However, we intend to remain vigilant until all alerts for floods and landslides have been cleared.


Cagayan de Oro

There have been light on-and-off rains in Cagayan de Oro. There is a consistent downward trend for water levels in all three rivers we are monitoring. This morning Code Red status had been downgrade by the CDRRMC to Code Orange. If no heavy rains hit the City tonight, it is expected that Code Orange will also be lifted tomorrow.

As of 5pm today, we have received the following latest update from Evacuation Centers monitored by our partner BDRRMCs:

Barangay Evacuation Center Number of Families
Macasandig Macasandig Elementary School

Macasandig Covered Court


All evacuees have returned home

Carmen West Carmen Central School 262
Iponan Bulao Elementary School 307

No reported need for evacuation


The numbers above are based on the official lists, however it was noted that people were starting to move their things back home. If there are no heavy rains tonight, many are likely to leave the evacuation centers by tomorrow morning.

In preparation for any changes in this favourable situation, the CDRRMC has prepared food packs for evacuation centers around the city. Therefore, no immediate needs have been identified for Cagayan de Oro City.

Classes at all levels are expected to resume tomorrow. However, at-risk communities were still advised to stay in the evacuation centers as a precautionary measure.

We have done pre-emptive evacuation of BM staff, family and friends who live in low-lying and flood-prone areas to the Balay Mindanaw Peace Center. On January 20, 2014 (as well as previous days when flood threat was high, particularly in Iponan) 40 evacuees sought refuge in BMPC. As water levels began to drop, evacuees started moving back to their homes. This morning, 21 evacuees remained in the BMPC. As of this evening, all evacuees at the BMPC have returned to their homes.

Relief goods were also distributed to communities who expressed the need for additional food supplies. 6 sacks of rice and 248 wow ulam tetra packs were distributed to the community kitchen in Barangay Bonbon. 7 sacks of rice were turned over to Barangay Iponan for repacking and distribution.

Food and water stocks have been prepositioned in anticipation of any untoward event. Health kits and additional supplies have also been prepared.

We plan to continue close monitoring and coordination with the CDRRMC for this weather event until all alerts for floods and landslides are cleared.


Gingoog City/Misamis Oriental

Our team at the Balay Mindanaw Kalambuan Center in Gingoog City have reported no heavy rains, although on-and-off light rainshowers were noted. Water levels, particularly in Gahub River were observed to be subsiding.

Landslides have been a major problem in the City. Here are those that have been monitored:

  Casualties Passability Notes
Landslide affecting HBL4 Cluster, particularly Barangay Libon and Barangay Hindangon No casualty Not Passable Four-wheel vehicles certainly are unable to pass this area. Motorcycle drivers have the option of having their vehicles carried over to the other side.
2 major landslides at Punong, near the National Highway. For confirmation 1 Lane has been cleared and is passable A crack in the highland close to the highway has been noted. Please proceed this way with caution, particularly if rains resume. The CDRRMC engineer will be checking this possible hazard in the orning.
Landslide in Anakan, boundary Odingan None reported Passable None


According to the CDRRMC, all accessible barangays in Gingoog City have adequate supplies as of today. This is considering that evacuees may be advised to return to their homes tomorrow if there will be no more heavy rains or water level rises.

Our team attempted to assess Barangay Malinao early in the morning. However, landslides had rendered the area both risky for travel and inaccessible by vehicles.

The situation in barangays like Malinao which, until recently, was deemed inaccessible due to landslides is still unclear. (Late this afternoon, the CDRRMC informed us that part of the road has been cleared and is passable.) Communications have also been difficult in these areas. By tomorrow, we hope to be able to get more information on these areas and send an assessment team if necessary.

At Gingoog City, we have been putting our focus on Barangay 23, which is near Gahub River and is the home barangay of the Balay Mindanaw Kalambuan Center.

We helped facilitated pre-emptive evacuation of at-risk Barangay 23 residents to the BMKC and to Gingoog City Comprehensive National High School. On January 20, 2014, up to 28 families or 134 individuals evacuated to the BMKC. Health care workers from the Barangay and the City Health Office were available to serve the communities in BMKC and GCCNHS. This morning, as water levels began to drop, evacuees moved back to their homes. Currently, there are 16 families in BMKC.

As of now, there are no additional needs for evacuees in BMKC and accessible barangays in Gingoog City. For barangays that were inaccessible until recently, needs are still unclear. Our team at GCKC has prepositioned a stock of food (including rice, noodles, and canned goods) good ready for release in the event that it is needed. An emergency fund has also been set aside in case this will not be enough.

We will continue coordination with the CDRRMC for advice on the evacuees’ returns as well as to share information on barangays beyond the landslides.


Surigao del Sur

According to Balay Calia, all evacuees in Cagwait and Lianga have returned to their homes.



According to Balay Aleosan, there have been little to no rains in the area despite gloomy weather. No evacuation was done in the area.


Thank you very much!

We refuse to be victims.

We choose to be resources.

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