Agaton ER No. 3

Today, we are continuing relief operations despite slowly subsiding of floods and water levels and decreased rainfall in areas we are monitoring. Considering that weather forecasts from multiple sources (including DOST PAG-ASA, Weather Underground and still predict light to heavy rains in many areas of Mindanao for today, we are also alert for any changes. Despite this, also, many people remain in evacuation centers.





Repacking relief goods at the Balay Mindanaw Peace Center


Situation Report

General Situation

As of 5AM today, the LPA was located 415km East Southeast of Davao City according to DOST PAG-ASA. Warnings against threat of floods and landslides have not yet been lifted. Multiple weather information sources still predict light to heavy rains in many areas of Mindanao.


Cagayan de Oro

Since this morning, there have been occasional light rains over the Balay Mindanao Peace Center in Bulua, Cagayan de Oro City. As per CDRRMC reports, water levels in Cagayan de Oro River, Iponan River and Kabula River upland in Bukidnon have been slowly subsiding. Alert level in the City has dropped this morning from Code Red to Code Orange.

As of 3AM our partner BDRRMCs have the following number of evacuees:

Barangay Evacuation Center Number of Families as of 3AM Number of Families as of 10:30AM
Macasandig Macasandig Elementary SchoolMacasandig Covered Court 253  104
Bonbon Bonbon Elementary SchoolSM 287  283
Carmen West Carmen Central School 262  265
Iponan Bulao Elementary SchoolIponan Covered Court 340  357

No reported need for evacuation

Two of the above families in Carmen were affected by landslides.

There have been reports of possible communicable diseases at the Carmen Evacuation Center. There were 6 reported cases of fever in children aged 3 years old and below. There were also 2 cases of diarrhea. The Carmen health cluster is continuing to monitor these cases.

There are only 17 individual evacuees remaining in the Balay Mindanaw Peace Center as of 12nn today.


Misamis Oriental/Gingoog City

Clearing operations have begun for landslides reported yesterday, particularly in Barangay Gahub. There have been occasional light rains since this morning, although gloomy skies still hold the threat of more rain.

The following bridges are still impassable or declared unfit for travel:

–          Manticao Bridge

–          Bridge at Barangay Balintong, Balingasag

–          Highway near Barangay 20, Gingoog City

–          Mambayacan Bridge in Balingasag

–          Tagoloan Bridge

Public transportation is available on either end of the bridge in Balingasag.

10 families remain in the Kalambuan Center in Gingoog City, although they are also alert for possible evacuation if heavy rains resume.

Assessment was attempted at Barangay Malinao. Last night, barangay Captain Condeza reported 224 families had sought refuge in the Barangay Hall and may need additional food supplies. However, early this morning landslides had rendered the area both risky for travel and inaccessible.

Yesterday Gingoog City declared that it is in a state of calamity due to the rising water levels, landslides, and the number of evacuees. They are now requesting


Interventions done


–          Pre-emptive evacuation of BM staff, family and friends who live in low-lying and flood-prone areas to the Balay Mindanaw Peace Center. On January 20, 2014 (as well as previous days when flood threat was high, particularly in Iponan) 40 evacuees sought refuge in BMPC. As water levels began to drop, evacuees started moving back to their homes. As of January 21, 2014 21 evacuees remain in the BMPC.

–          Pre-emptive evacuation of at-risk Barangay 23 residents to the Balay Mindanaw Kalambuan Center in Gingoog City. On January 20, 2014, up to 28 families or 134 individuals evacuated to the BMKC. This morning, as water levels began to drop, evacuees moved back to their homes. As of January 21, 2014, 10 families remain in BMKC.


–          Prepositioning of relief goods

–          Purchase of additional relief goods, including emergency medical supplies for in-house evacuees

–          Repacking of additional relief goods ongoing

–          6 sacks of rice and 248 wow ulan tetra packs provided to Barangay Bonbon, who expressed need for food support yesterday.

–          7 sacks of rice provided to Barangay Iponan who also expressed need for food support yesterday.


–          Monitoring of evacuees in our Centers and in our partner communities for any additional needs.

–          Monitoring of weather, water level , road conditions, and other pertinent information.


The latest report from DOST PAG-ASA state that the LPA may not leave the Philippines for another two days. Until then, we will continue to monitor evacuation centers and any other changes in the overall situation.


Thank you very much!

We refuse to be victims.

We choose to be resources.

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