Gift Giving

The Balay Mindanaw Group (BMG), with its DREAM Program, went for a simultaneous ‘gift giving’ in the selected affected communities of Bohol, Leyte and Panay that were hit with the recent disasters. Three separate groups had embarked last December 11, 2013 to bring relief goods to these areas with the help of local and international partners.

In October 15, 2013, Bohol was hit by the 7.2 magnitude Earthquake. Balay Mindanaw responded in Barangay Pig-ot of Loon and Barangay Rosario of Antequerra after a quick field assessment and consultation. The team then was able to provide relief goods, food and non-food items including tents and shelter repair kits and facilitated medical and psychosocial activities. Bohol communities are now recovering fast with the rebuilding of homes and immediate repair of the vital infrastructures like main roads and bridges.

With the Supertyphoon Yolanda/Haiyan that terribly hit the Visayas last November 8, 2013, massive destruction was so shocking, dreadful and horrific.  After the on-the-ground assessment and consultations, Balay Mindanaw has quickly partnered with communities in Panay Island and in Leyte and immediately responded with relief distribution.

All of these assistance and disaster response were done in cooperation with helpful, active and valuable local partners.

Below are some snap shots during the ‘gift-giving’ and the continuing damage assessment in the barangays:


A.      Bohol: Loon and Antequera


  • Relief distribution of non-food items

  • Bohol Team was able to repacked 1,000 Non Food Items composed of mats, mosquito nets, blankets, and del monte products for our partner communities, friends, relatives and other groups.  700 packs were distributed to 5 partner communities at Loon and Antiquera, 100 packs were given to the relatives & friends affected by the earthquake, 100 packs to Fr Kiking, and another 100 packs to Brgy. Taloto.
  • Birgita Hahn of Johanniter joined the team in giving gift to the survivors of Brgy Sto Rosario, Antiquera and Brgy. Pig-ot,Loon. Also, Azon Zamora also went with the team and turned over some cash donations.


B.      Leyte


  • Relief distribution in Ormoc: food packs and water


Relief Distribution in Barangay Tabgas, Albuera, Ormoc City: 1000 food packs and 1000 bottled water were distributed by DREAM Team Leyte with the support of the military in transporting the goods, repacked by volunteers of PRWORKS in Cebu. Action Aid provided the financial assistance.



1500 bottled water (6lt and 4lt) of Tubig Mindanaw: 963 were distributed in Brgy. Tabgas in Albuera while 537 were distributed in Brgy. San Juan, Ormoc. These bottled water were transported with the help of military’s Joint Task Force Diamond based in Ormoc City.


Damage Assessment of Houses in Ormoc, Merida and Albuera

  • With the support of Action Aid and Johanniter, Balay Mindanaw plans to distribute shelter repair kits (SRKs) to the households whose houses were damaged by the supertyphoon. The team will start preparing for the kits for distribution while it continues to validate community data:
  • Wheelchair Turn-Over.
    • 14 persons with sickness and disabilities in Barangay San Juan were offered with wheelchairs from Johanniter, while 6 were also given in Tabgas, Albuera.
    • Facilitation and orientation with recipients were done by Valentin, the wheelchair specialist of Johanniter assisted by Maraiya Valdueza, volunteer of Balay Mindanaw

  • Psychosocial Intervention
    • Around 295 kids from kindergarten and grade 1 to 6 pupils were very happy to watch magical performance given by Balay Mindanaw. Snacks were provided after the show. 
    • Teachers, parents and members of the barangay council also watched and enjoyed with laughter and excitement. Ms Fe Cantiro, council member said, “We are thankful that Balay Mindanaw has adopted Barangay San Juan. We cannot get up if not for you.”  Balay Mindanaw has expressed its gratitude to them for also adopting and allowing Balay Mindanaw to be with them in these crucial times. 
    • There were no students who were casualty of Supertyphoon Yolanda. 


C.      Panay

  • The first SRK Distribution in Barangay Bayas, Estancia in Iloilo


  • After a week of canvassing and procurement, Team Panay with Balay Mindanaw, iSERVE, DMCoR and DAI – finally began the distribution of shelter repair kits to 500 households in Bayas, an island barangay in Estancia. The team travelled up north, 3 hours bus ride from Iloilo city proper to the town of Estancia. To reach the island in 40 minutes, the team took pump boats and carried the load of lumbers, sheets and sacks to the shoreline with the help of the local people. The families were thankful for receiving this kind of supplies for the first time after the supertyphoon.
  • Shelter Repair Kits contained a total of 5000 corrugated GI sheets, 1410 coco lumber and 130 sacks containing 1 hammer and 2 kilos each of #1,2,3,4 and umbrella nails – with the financial assistance of Disaster Aid International , including its disaster response team on the ground (Ed, Tore and David)
  • Non-Food Relief Distribution in Pres. Roxas
    • The team travelled to President Roxas in Capiz and took their pump-boat trips so as to reach 6 island barangays. They were able to distribute non-food items to a total of 1000 households. These items include mosquito nets, blankets and mats
      • Brgy Pandan (128hh), Brgy Goce (218hh), Brgy Madulano (164hh), Brgy Pinamihagan (52hh), Brgy Sangkal (110hh) and Brgy Marita (328hh)




Balay Mindanaw is so much thankful to all friends, partners and donors – for the support, donations and assistance (financial, volunteers, technical, logistics, etc.) you have extended to us in order to help communities affected by the disasters.


Summary of Resource Mobilized and Commitments (As of Dec 15, 2013)


1.     Disaster Aid International  and Disaster Aid Response Team (DART)

2.     PRWorks Doris Mongaya – logistics hub in Cebu

3.     2GO Freight Services for relief goods– free container van and shipment Cebu to Ormoc

4.     Talisay Malayan Academy – student-volunteers for the repacking of relief goods

5.     Dr.Cagape and Dr. De Jesus – Provincial Govt of Sarangani

6.     Phil. Nurses Association of CDO – volunteer-nurses for Leyte

7.     Judge Azon Llanderal and Family (Peso 10,000)

8.     Nina Martinez and Friends

9.     Reggie-Luz Villasanta and Sumillano Families –P10,000

10.   JullaPalacpac and Friends (Eur 5,000)

11.   Cindy Maya and Noel Vergara with the Philippine Aid Team in Ireland (P121, 451.00)

12.   Ramon Ramiro and Family (P10,000)

13.   The Johannitter – Germany (EUR 300,000)

14.   JIN Corporation – Japan (YPY 100,000)

15.   Marc Tagub and Friends in Australia

16.   Doughtery Foundation – Filipino Women’s Council – Italy – c/o CharitoBasa

17.   BAKER &McKENZIE Offices in Germany/Austria – € 6,398.70

18.   Disaster Management Community of Reconciliation (DM-CoR) – volunteers for relief operation center in Iloilo

19.   Medical and Emergency Response Team (MERT) of Johanniter-Germany

20.   3rd Infantry Division, PA – Panay Island – transportation (military truck) and manpower

21.   Visayas VOICE Network (P10,000)

22.   Mariza Dacuron and the Masters of Public Health Class- United Kingdom

23.   InakiLarrazabal – accommodation and facilitation of team’s assessment of Ormoc

24.   JVP Alumni: Atty. Nolito and Jen Quilang

25.   Msgr. Dido Arroyo of Fatima Vicariate


27.   Pag-Laum Multi-Purpose Cooperative – P40,000.00

28.   JBrothers Reloaded –P5,000.00 cash donation

29.   Edwin Castejon and Bobby Jasareno – P8,000.00 cash donation

30.   Pahinungod and UP Iloilo –VOICE Network members in Iloilo – local volunteers and logistics support

31.   Concepcion Family – use of Concepcion Chalet as the Operation Center of DREAM Team Panay

32.   200 bulbs and 300 water purifier – One Million Lights Foundation/Solutions Using Renewable Energy

33.   Wheelchairs from Johanniter /Germany with Valentine

34.  Thelma Guiang-Villegas / Kraft Mondelez of Canada CAD$ 400.00

35.   OonaParedes – P30,000

36.   Gerry Bulatao – P20,000

37.   Felix and Mesi Vergara – P3,000

38.   Anonymous – P20,000

39.   Jovy Hare and Filipinos in Alberta, Canada

40.   Mariah, Niko and Tata – volunteers in Ormoc

41.   Joy Hayes and AlingBeja

42.   Rey Canunayon _$500.00

43.   Emmy Abellanosa -Php2,000.00

44.   Paulo Paraguya – P1,500.00

45.  Corazon Zamora – $ 2,300.00 (SRK for Sto. Rosario, Antequerra)

46.  Emmanuel Catholic Church – $ 5,200.25

47.  The Tides Foundation – $ 6,995.00

48.  Naozumi Tsuchiyama -$2,074.28

49. Victoria Javier Walo – Php 20,000.00

50. Sjors Beenker € 50.00

51. Ely Byrne £ 200.00

52. Master Public Health Student, University of Glasgow, United Kingdom – £ 82.00

53. Reggie Villasanta – Php 10,000.00

54. Luz Villasanta- Php 10,000.00

56. Teody Pena – Php 10,000.00

57. Azon Llanderal – Php 10,000.00

58. Joint Task Force Diamond of the AFP – Ormoc City

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