Springs of Hope in remote areas hit by Yolanda

Consolidated DREAM Update No. 3

19-20 November, 2013

Despite the fact that most media put more spotlight in Tacloban in the Province of Leyte where most international responses have converged, remote areas worst-hit by the SuperTyphoon Yolanda/Haiyan in Nov. 8 likewise need close attention and assistance.

The Disaster Risk Reduction, Resiliency Building and Emergency Assistance Mission (DREAM) of Balay Mindanaw Group is already present in two areas: Ormoc City in Leyte, Eastern Visayas and in President Roxas in Capiz, Western Visayas (Panay Island). With the support of local groups, DREAM teams were able to set-up local center points of relief operations in each of the areas.

Major mission now include relief distribution, medical assistance, resource mobilization and continuing damage-needs assessments in these areas. On-the ground assessments were done in the Municipalities of Pontevedra, Tapaz, including Estancia which is one of the worst-hit in northern part of Iloilo by typhoon Yolanda. Priority needs of the affected coastal barangays of these municipalities bring in shelter repair kits and temporary shelters or tents.

  1. Shelter Repair Kits – as seen as the priority needs in three municipalities. And specific selection to coastal barangays.
  2. Temporary Shelter (Tents) – for coastal barangays especially in Brgy. Bantigue in Pontevedra were all houses (123HH) were totally damaged.
  3. Food packs (if there’s any further allocation) – shall be given to the identified evacuation centers in Pontevedra.



While longer line of residents of Ormoc and now from nearby towns queue for gasoline, the displaced and wounded in 5 areas were treated well during the Medical Mission managed by Balay Mindanaw Group together with the German medics of Johanniter (MERT) and the volunteer nurses of the Philippine Nurses Association (PNA).

Medical Assistance. In Nov 19, the team went to Barangay Liloan serving 168 patients and to Ormoc Central Elementary School serving 144 patients. In Nov.20, the team proceeded to Barangay San Juan with 78 patients, Barangay Liloan with another 67 patients and Barangay Lao with 40 patients. While many were wounded, most patients were also sick of cough, colds, diarrhea and fever. Most children already have skin diseases.

The good tandem of PNA and MERT will continue this medical mission until Friday this week, planning to reach more survivors in remote areas who are sick and badly wounded and injured during the typhoon. The rehabilitation of the barangay health center is being planned with the new set of barangay officias. New set of nurses will also be deployed for next week.


Long queue for gasoline in Ormoc City, 19 November 2013


PNA and MERT serving the sick and wounded in Ormoc Central Elementary School, 20 November 2013

Relief Distribution. The team has finally completed its distribution of 1000 food packs as relief goods, estimated to last for 3 days.  The team has released them to 200 displaced people in Ormoc Central Shool which was transformed into an evacuation center

In Barangay San Juan, the team was able distributed 775 food packs to survivors, while 25 food packs were also given to the workers of 2Go cargo who have been transporting the relief goods from Cebu.



Relief Distribution in President Roxas. Volunteers of Balay Mindanaw Group and Disaster Management Community of Reconciliation finally completed the relief distribution of food packs in 6 coastal barangays and 1 upland barangays in the municipality of President Roxas in the Province of Capiz, Panay Island. The deliveries were done with the use of pump boats in order to reach the coastal areas.

With the help of the barangay officials, the distribution processes were orderly and validated by families affected per barangay (Barangay Madulano – 155 families; Barangay Marita – 328 families; Barangay Pandan – 125 families; Barangay Sankal – 113 famillies; Barangay Pinaminagan – 53 families; Barangay Goce – 211 families). Remaining 24 food packs were given to the MLGU.

Shelter Repair Kits. While more food are still needed in these far-flung communities as far as food security is concerned, shelter repair kits and temporary shelters are already pinpointed as necessary for the residents to settle down safely in their own homes. Aside from President Roxas, the town of Tapaz needs shelter repair kits while the town of Pontevedra (both Capiz Provinces) needs temporary shelters or tents especially in coastal barangays which were also damaged by Typhoon Yolanda.  The Municipality of Estancia was the worst-hit towns in Iloilo. 99% of houses and other structures were damaged and destroyed, thus relief of food and non-food including shelter repair kits and fishing boats are seriously looked for by the local government.

The Canadian Armed Forces have committed to provide water facilities and construct water refilling station to augment the supply of potable water in the whole of Iloilo and Capiz Provinces.


IN BARANGAY SANKAL, a coastal community in Pres. Roxas, relief goods aboard banka or “small boats” to reach the  113 households affected by the Supertyphoon Yolanda.



Balay Mindanaw would like to thank the following for the commitment and support the DREAM Initiatives, especially for Leyte and Panay.

As of Nov 18, 2013

  1. Disaster Aid International – Disaster Aid Response Team (DART) headed by Ed Cox
  2. PRWorks Doris Mongaya – logistics hub in Cebu
  3. 2GO Freight Services for relief goods– free container van and shipment Cebu to Ormoc
  4. Talisay Malayan Academy – student-volunteers for the repacking of relief goods
  5. Dr. Cagape and Dr. Deleon – Provincial Govt of Sarangani
  6. Phil. Nurses Association of CDO – 10 volunteer-nurses for Ormoc
  7. Judge Azon Llanderal and Family (Peso 10,000)
  8. Nina Martinez and Friends
  9. Reggie and Luz Villasanta
  10. Julla Palacpac and Friends (Eur 5,000)
  11. Cindy Maya and Noel Vergara with the Philippine Aid Team in Ireland
  12. Ramon Ramiro and Family (P10,000)
  13. The Johannitter – Germany (EUR 300,000)
  14. JIN Corporation – Japan (YPY 100,000)
  15. Marc Tagub and Friends in Australia
  16. Doughtery Foundation – Filipino Women’s Council – Italy – c/o Charito Basa
  17. Cindy Maya Vergara and Philippine Aid Team- Ireland
  18. Disaster Management Community of Reconciliation (DM-CoR) – volunteers for relief operation center in Iloilo
  19. Medical and Emergency Response Team (MERT) of Johanniter-Germany
  20. 3rd Infantry Division, PA – MGen. Aurelio Baladad – Panay Island – transportation (military truck) and manpower
  21. Visayas VOICE Network (P10,000)
  22. Mariza Dacuron and the Masters of Public Health Class- United Kingdom
  23. Inaki Larrazabal – accommodation and facilitation of team’s assessment of Ormoc
  24. JVP Alumni: Atty. Nolito and Jen Quilang – ground volunteers who connected us with LGU and Yol Resource Net. They were also by our side during visits to evacuation centers and barangay consultations.
  25. Msgr. Dido Arroyo of Fatima Vicariate – lent transportation and helped assess barangays Cogon, Mergen, Liloan, Curva and Merida.
  26. Action Aid
  27. Pag-Laum Multi-Purpose Cooperative – P40,000.00


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