Disaster Response to Bohol Earthquake No. 10

Bohol Team Update, October 28, 2013

1. On Networking

Bibing, Ed and Lycel attended the Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (PDRRMC) Meeting and Assessment held at JJ’s Seaside. It started with a mass attended by less than a hundred members of the PDRRMC and the Provincial Office personnel. The Panglao Mayor, Hon. Nila Montero personally invited Ed in his capacity as a Rotarian.

The Hon. Governor Edgar Chatto in his opening speech commended the Provincial Sanggunian for immediately declaring the entire Province of Bohol under the State of Calamity thru Resolution No. 453, series of 2013. He cited that the Muslim Holiday (Eidl Adja) that was declared a National Holiday for the first time had actually saved the lives of the Bol-anons; he also said we still are fortunate that it happened on a Monday and not on a Sunday. There would be thousands of unnecessary deaths among Bol-anons if it happened over the weekend.

The Governor called for the quick rebuilding of Bohol from the rubble or ashes of the magnitude 7.2 earthquake.  “Let us make the province a place that we can truly be proud of”, he said.

The PhiVOLCS then presented the assessment made by their Quick Response Team (QRT):

–          With the damage documented at the Northern part of Bohol, the intensity is actually not M7.2 but M8.

–          A total of 2,956 aftershocks recorded; only 79 were felt or with reported intensities

–          “The Great Wall of Bohol”, they refer to the landmass that emerge in some parts of the province, most particularly at the coastal areas; this they saw when they had surface rupture mapping of the North Bohol fault

Whether or not Bohol has a volcano, the answer is NO; only liquefaction and that the gaseous odor smelled was trapped gases underground, stored in more than 500 years.

There would be small chances of aftershocks; this actually happens 2-3 weeks after the quake. Also, larger quakes have very little chances in the next years. Earthquakes cannot be predicted, PhiVOLCS said.

PhiVOLCS finally advised not to enter heavily damaged structures and avoid areas with visible incipient landslides.

The Provincial DRRMC formed a five-part Incident Command System: 1) Relief Operations Center, 2) RDRRMC Command Post, 3) Casualty Validation Center, 4) Medical/Health, 5) Search and Recovery. This regularly meets at 3:00 every afternoon at the Governor’s Mansion. The Governor emphasized that the Operations Center is run by a multi-sectoral group in the province, with the business sector and the CSOs taking the lead. As to total casualties, the province has recorded the following casualties: 204 dead; 657 injured; 8 missing. Seventy percent (70%) cause of deaths is due to collapsed structures; 21% landslides; 5% cardiac arrests; and 4% yet undetermined.

Lala and Ed also attended the CSO meeting with the Governor at the mansion. A total of 28 organizations were present at the meeting. Many of the organizations, including Balay Mindanaw and Disaster Aid International were able to share experiences on disaster response in Bohol and elsewhere.

First of all, with these other organizations we were able to confirm a common sentiment from community consultations – that food and water is becoming less and less a priority of communities. Instead, they tended to ask for materials with which to repair their houses. It was reassuring to hear this validated from other CSOs, since our own focus barangay Sto. Rosario had identified this very same need with us. Governor Chatto confirmed that by November 1st, they plan on officially shifting from disaster response and relief phase to the disaster reconstruction and rehabilitation phase.

In line with this, everyone present expressed an increased need to coordinate aid being given, especially with the municipal LGU. This was to prevent the problem of duplication of aid (especially food items) in some barangays. This coordination would take an even more crucial role in camp management.

It was also agreed upon that there needed to be a database of information that would map which areas have already received aid and which have not. Also, additional data on which houses would be unlivable plus vulnerable population would also be needed. The Governor agreed to keep close coordination with CSOs through the CSO secretariat present at the meeting.

2. Shelter

Chris and Bernard have gone to the supplier of the shelter repair kits for the transport scheduled on Tuesday, 29 October. Together with some Boholunteers, the team will go to Sto. Rosario, Antequera – spend the whole day for the segregation stuff and finally distribute the SRKs on Wednesday, 30 October.

At least 120 SRKs for totally and partially damaged houses are prepared for the barangay; another 120 sets of SRK shall be given to the Municipal LGU for distribution to the most in need families in 6 barangays.

The BLGU committed to produce the required number of good lumber instead of us buying them from the supplier. The income that the people get Punong Barangay Tolop said, would help their community start normalize their local markets.

With expert people from PhiVOLCS, Cliff, Regine and Chris went back to Loon to assess the safety and security of people who eventually will be living in the tent community. With the sketch map prepared by Cliff, there are parts of the tent community area that have cracked and have land mass that need to be inspected – to avoid doing harm to people.

Bibing and Ed went to see Mr. Alvin Luis Acuzar of the Bol-anon United Sectors Working for the Advancement of Community Concerns (BUSWACC), Inc. for the Consignee concern. The letter request has been finally sent to Secretary Dinky Soliman of the DSWD for endorsement or approval.

3. Packing of Relief Goods

A group of Boholunteers are completing the packing of goods for the other 700 families. To note, around 300 packs have already been given 6 days after the quake. Today, Ani was able to do an inventory of goods remaining at the office. Ani and the Boholunteers then spent an afternoon repacking these goods and calculated how many more goods were needed to complete the set.

4. Loon Tent Community

Today, Regine, with Chris and Cliff of Disaster Aid International accompanied seismologists from PHIVOLCS to our proposed tent communities in Loon to check on the safety of these communities. They studied cracks in the ground and changes in the form of the earth as well as the risk for any sinkholes. Tent communities 1 and 2 were deemed safe. However, certain areas of Tent community 3 in Moto Sur were considered unsafe.  Therefore Ed and co. have identified two alternatives: First is to move the community of fifty to a different, safer location; or to have 25 remain in the safe area of Moto Sur, and another 25 to stay in another area. We will be coordinating closely with the Loon LGU to determine other spaces for the tent community.

5. Plans for today

– Prepare shelter repair kits for distribution tomorrow.

– Purchase and repacking of additional relief goods.

– Meeting with shelter cluster today.

Daghang Salamat!


Updates from the Support Team based in Cagayan de Oro:

Available Resources:

Donations and Pledges for Balay Mindanaw Disaster Response:

  1. Tata Otero 4,000
  2. Oona Paredes – unspecified amount
  3. Vicky Walo – unspecified amount
  4. Corazon Zamora USD1,000
  5. Friends in US – unspecified amount
  6. Thomas Boehlke P10,000
  7. Goldie Chan – P5,000 c/o km
  8. Anonymous – P20,000 delivered to BM
  9. Ramon Ramiro II – P10,000

From Partner Institutions:

1. Johanniter – 240,000 euros

2. DAI, Items ready to be sent:

  • 200 lifeboxes
  • Tents
  • Family packs
  • Schools / First aid stations
  • Sky Hydrants
  • Solar gems (solar powered lights)

3. Del Monte committed to give juices as relief goods



  1. Logistics: 2GO committed to allow us to use scat – to transport relief goods, volunteers, light equipment
  2. Logistics: KOC Parish offered by Fr. Magdusa as operational center together with other volunteer groups
  3. Human Resources: local volunteers ready for mobilization
  4. Resource Mobilization: Tindog Bohol – a joint movement by KPMFI/BMG, Gingoog CDRRMC, Sta. Rita de Cascia Parish of Gingoog City, the Philippine Red Cross – Gingoog City Chapter, and the Gingoog Bay Rotary Club
  5. Human Resources: VOICE Network volunteer deployed to the area, more standby volunteers are availablec/o VOICE Network through Myrna Siose

Summary of initiatives done to date:

  • Purchasing of goods for first wave of relief ongoing
  • Focus barangay identified, as well as additional recipients of relief
  • Ongoing coordination with other CSOs, LGUs and relief groups
  • Exploration of routes for transport of volunteers/goods done
  • Continuing resource mobilization.
  • Continuing assessment by QAT in Bohol.
  • Area visits done in three municipalities in Bohol.
  • Canvassing of sources of relief goods done.
  • Continuing establishment of partnerships/connections with existing and potential local partners (see QAT report above)

For those who wish to extend assistance, and who already have direct links with local groups already operating in the disaster areas, we suggest that you send your support directly to them.

For those who wish to send their financial support thru Balay Mindanaw, kindly send your donations to:

Peso Account
Account No. 1768022630
Account Name: Balay Mindanaw Foundation Inc.,
BDO Xavier Branch Cagayan de Oro City

Dollar Account
Account No. 101760196639
Account Name: Balay Mindanaw Foundation, Inc.
Swift Code: BNORPHMM
BDO – Xavier Branch – Cagayan de Oro City

Euro Account
Account No. 301760191866
Swift Code: BNORPHMM
Account Name: Balay Mindanaw Foundation, Inc.
BDO Xavier Branch – Cagayan de Oro City

You may also send other forms of support to:

Balay Mindanaw
53A, 12th Street, Zone 2, Upper Bulua,
Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines

You may also call:

Landline: +63 8822 735946
Mobile phone: +639189182864 (amy salas)
+639177176000 (kaloy)
+639399151592 (bibing mordeno)
+639278165957 (pinky fabe)


For those in Gingoog City, you can donate through the Tindog Bohol Movement:

Cash donations:
Drop in any TINDOG BOHOL bottles located near you

(Bank details to follow)


In kind donations:
City Disaster Risk Reduction Office
Ground Floor, New BFP Building
Barangay 23, Gingoog City


Or you may also contact:
Mobile number: 09363361211


Thank you very much.

We refuse to be victims. We choose to be resources.

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