We Care for Bohol

Disaster Response Update to Bohol Earthquake, No. 6

October 24, 2013 – 6pm

Dear Partners and Friends,

With your help and our other partners in disaster relief operations – German Humanitarian Assistance, the Johanniter, Disaster Aid International, the Province of Bohol and LGUs, the Diocese of Tagbilaran, and the inspiring group of local Bohol-unteers – we are have begun disaster response initiatives which we have dubbed as “We CARE for Bohol”. CARE stands for Community-based Assistance in Rebuilding Earthquake-affected Communities.

After seeing the aftermath of the magnitude 7.2 earthquake that hit Bohol and other areas in the Visayas on October 15, 2013 and talking to the survivors, our team is even more inspired to continue with our community-centered initiatives especially upon seeing firsthand the resiliency and determination of the Bol-anons.

We Care for Bohol

As of the latest NDRRMC report this morning (October 24, 2013 at 5am), a total of 631,605 families or 3,158,009 persons are affected in 1,494 barangays in 59 municipalities and 6 cities in 6 provinces of Regions VI and VII. Out of this, about 11 percent (66,041 families or 336,934 persons) were displaced and now located both outside and inside 99 evacuation centers. 198 individuals have been reported dead, 668 injured and 11 missing, most of whom are residents of Bohol.


Day 6 Updates: Balay Mindanaw’s “We CARE for Bohol”

1.       Shelter

Ed, Bau and Bibing were able to visit 3 Evacuation Centers at the poblacion of the Municipality of Loon: north central, church site and the University of Bohol-Loon Campus. These ECs have been occupied by at least 1,000 families who mostly are coming from the coastal barangays such as Napo and Motonorte.

Mayor Lopez gave us the school area with 100 families, which Bau and Ed now are assessing. He has mentioned this morning to help provide the needed communal facilities such as child- and-women friendly spaces, water stations, toilets and bathing areas for women and men, and kitchen in the soon-to-be established tent community.

Yesterday, everyone was busy for the coming of President P’Noy and sortie.

Ayi and Paul continue to find ways on how the DAI survival kits and life boxes be easily transported to Loon. Jowjow also meets Mr. Alvin Alcuaz of BUSWACC (Bol-anon United Sectors Working for the Advancement of Community Concerns, Inc.), who was recommended by Mytee as possible consignee of the goods.

Here is the validated list of target beneficiaries provided by Punong Barangay Meliton Tolop of Sto. Rosario:  Of the total 110 residents: 65 have totally damaged houses, and 45 have partially damaged houses. PB Tolop committed to provide for the trucking service any time of distribution as well as community volunteer haulers of the goods.

Another 120 beneficiaries coming from at least 6 barangays identified by Mayor Pahang of Antequera will be provided with the repair kits.

Based on the availability of goods, the repair kits together with the mats, mosquito nets and blankets shall be distributed on Monday, 28 October 2013. Tomorrow, 25 October, 2013, our first wave of distribution of food packs and hygiene kits will be done in Barangay Sto. Rosario, Antequera.

2.       Packing of goods (food, water, non-food, hygiene kits)

Twenty-four (24) Boholunteers helped in the packing of the 1,000 packs of food and hygiene kits. Jowjow gave the orientation of the volunteers – introduced Balay Mindanaw Group, rationale of CARE for Bohol effort, and some reminders to consider.

Celoy and Bernard went to the suppliers to finalize the procurement of goods for distribution tomorrow. Each family will receive 5 kilos of rice, 6-liter alkaline water, 3 corned beef, 3 beef loaf, noodles, coffee and milo sachets, toothbrush/toothpaste, napkins for girls or women, and bath and detergent soap.

3.       Setting up of the Operations Center

BMG has been provided a space at the Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Pastoral Center; thanks to the kindness of Fr. Desiderio R. Magduza, parish priest. Our share for water and electricity bills was not received by him, instead he asked for Chris Lapez now prepares the volunteers’ ID and the goods receiving form for tomorrow’s distribution activity.

4.       Networking and Attendance to the Cluster Meetings

Jowjow and Bibing will go to the Governor’s Mansion to see partners for potential collaboration or complementation of efforts and to also gather latest updates from the PDRRMC.


Team plans:

While in Bohol, we intend to maximize local volunteers and send waves of at least 6 of our staff (initially in two-week shifts, but may depend on the situation) with the following roles:

–          Coordinator

–          Admin/finance

–          Logistics

–          Antequera field coordinator

–          Loon field coordinator

–          Networking


Immediate needs identified:

–       Food

–       Temporary shelters/tents

–       Hygiene kits and non-food items

–       Blankets


Additional logistical needs as we continue with our emergency response:

–       Printer with extra ink

–       Solar lights

–       Generator set


We are working and coordinating with the following groups:

  1. Disaster Aid International Response Team (DART)
  2. LGUs (Barangay Chairs, Mayors, Governor), AFP, CSOs, other institutions and individuals on the ground
  3. Bangon Maribojoc
  4. Boholunteers
  5. Bangon volunteers
  6. Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV)
  7. Civic education and democracy of Ate Mytee
  8. Marine conservation group of Jong Rojas
  9. Misereor partners c/o Ira Pamat and Francis of Bohol Integrated Development Foundation, Inc. (BIDEF). They are based in the cathedral working with Social Action Center (SAC) and the Bishop. Womens Development Center Bohol is focusing on San Isidro and Antequera. While BIDEF is focusing on Loon.
  10. Fr. Desidereo “Kiking” Magdusa of our Lady of Lourdes, who is also working with Bishop thru SAC.
  11. We have also coordinated with the ICP and local government units.
  12. Tindog Bohol – a Gingoog-based partnership initiative to raise contributions for relief in Bohol
  13. Tabang-Bohol – An Archdiocese of Cagayan de Oro-initiated collaboration to raise contributions for relief in Bohol


Updates from the Support Team based in Cagayan de Oro:


Available Resources:

Donations and Pledges for Balay Mindanaw Disaster Response:

  1. Tata Otero 4,000
  2. Oona Paredes – unspecified amount
  3. Vicky Walo – unspecified amount
  4. Corazon Zamora USD1,000
  5. Friends in US – unspecified amount
  6. Thomas Boehlke P10,000
  7. Goldie Chan – P5,000 c/o km
  8. Anonymous – P20,000 delivered to BM

From Partner Institutions:

1. Johanniter – 240,000 euros

2. DAI, Items ready to be sent:

  • 200 lifeboxes
  • Tents
  • Family packs
  • Schools / First aid stations
  • Sky Hydrants
  • Solar gems (solar powered lights)

3. Del Monte committed to give juices as relief goods


  1. Logistics: 2GO committed to allow us to use scat – to transport relief goods, volunteers, light equipment
  2. Logistics: KOC Parish offered by Fr. Magdusa as operational center together with other volunteer groups
  3. Human Resources: local volunteers ready for mobilization
  4. Resource Mobilization: Tindog Bohol – a joint movement by KPMFI/BMG, Gingoog CDRRMC, Sta. Rita de Cascia Parish of Gingoog City, the Philippine Red Cross – Gingoog City Chapter, and the Gingoog Bay Rotary Club
  5. Human Resources: VOICE Network volunteer deployed to the area, more standby volunteers are availablec/o VOICE Network through Myrna Siose

Summary of initiatives done to date:

  • Purchasing of goods for first wave of relief ongoing
  • Focus barangay identified, as well as additional recipients of relief
  • Ongoing coordination with other CSOs, LGUs and relief groups
  • Exploration of routes for transport of volunteers/goods done
  • Continuing resource mobilization.
  • Continuing assessment by QAT in Bohol.
  • Area visits done in three municipalities in Bohol.
  • Canvassing of sources of relief goods done.
  • Continuing establishment of partnerships/connections with existing and potential local partners (see QAT report above)


For those who wish to extend assistance, and who already have direct links with local groups already operating in the disaster areas, we suggest that you send your support directly to them.

For those who wish to send their financial support thru Balay Mindanaw, kindly send your donations to:

Peso Account
Account No. 1768022630
Account Name: Balay Mindanaw Foundation Inc.,
BDO Xavier Branch Cagayan de Oro City

Dollar Account
Account No. 101760196639
Account Name: Balay Mindanaw Foundation, Inc.
Swift Code: BNORPHMM
BDO – Xavier Branch – Cagayan de Oro City

Euro Account
Account No. 301760191866
Swift Code: BNORPHMM
Account Name: Balay Mindanaw Foundation, Inc.
BDO Xavier Branch – Cagayan de Oro City


You may also send other forms of support to:

Balay Mindanaw
53A, 12th Street, Zone 2, Upper Bulua,
Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines


You may also call:

Landline: +63 8822 735946
Mobile phone: +639189182864 (amy salas)
+639177176000 (kaloy)
+639399151592 (bibing mordeno)
+639278165957 (pinky fabe)


For those in Gingoog City, you can donate through the Tindog Bohol Movement:

Cash donations:

Drop in any TINDOG BOHOL bottles located near you

(Bank details to follow)

In kind donations:

City Disaster Risk Reduction Office

Ground Floor, New BFP Building

Barangay 23, Gingoog City

Or you may also contact:

Mobile number: 09363361211



Thank you very much.

We refuse to be victims. We choose to be resources.

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