Disaster Response Update to Bohol Earthquake No. 3

October 20, 2013 – 12nn

Today, Balay Mindanaw continues its ongoing assessment, coordination and resource mobilization for those affected by the magnitude 7.2. earthquake in Bohol.

As of the latest NDRRMC report this morning (October 20, 2013 at 7am), a total of 703,224 families or 3,542,281 persons were affected in 1,394 barangays in 54 municipalities and 8 cities in 6 provinces of Regions VI and VII. Out of this, about one in every ten (78,585 families or 370,495 persons) were displaced and now located both outside and inside 86 evacuation centers. 185 individuals have been reported dead, 583 injured and 9 missing, most of whom are residents of Bohol.

Yesterday evening, our quick assessment team sent this update from their second day on the field:


Day 5 Bohol Earthquake Updates from the Assessment Team:

People affected by the earthquake express their need for food Those with damaged houses settle in makeshift tents.

As we concluded our second day assessment, we divided ourselves into two teams. The first team which was composed of Richard and Celoy went to explore a land route from Tagbiliran City to Maribojoc and Loon. The second team which was composed of Bau, Bernard and Jojow went to Municipality of Cortes, Baclayon, Albur, Loay, and Loboc. It was long, risky and exciting day for both teams riding in motorbikes.

According to Celoy, “It was hard journey, I am happy that I was able to have the opportunity to be part of the team, I empathize with what kind of work my companions were doing in times of Disaster Response.” It was a successful trip for team one as they were able to search for a land route from Tagbiliran City to Maribojoc or Loon. The route was Tagbiliran City- Corella-San Isidro- Antequera – Maribojoc. The whole trip covered around 70km.

One of the many landslides encountered along the road

It was a challenging trip as many landslides were evident along the roads. Richard and Celoy had the opportunity to talk with the Vice Mayor, Hon. Leo Jadolco of Antequera and stop by Municipality of San Isidro.  Vice mayor shared that they have no clear plan for the evacuation of their constituents. The people just want to be in open space as of now as more aftershocks could be felt: around 3500 families in 21 Barangays.  Moreover, they went back to BarangayAnislag, Maribojoc where other nearby barangays were also staying at the tents at the oval of the elementary school. During the return trip, the first team decided to ride a boat from Maribojoc to Cortes.

An old Church in the Municipality of Cortes

For the Second Team, one barangay and 5 towns were visited during the assessment. For Municipality of Cortes, the team was able to have a conversation with Barangay Captain of Loreto, Hon. Suzimo Jumila Jr. The Barangay is composed of 320 households. Captain Jumila expressed 80% of the houses were totally damaged. Most of the families were also clustering in makeshift tents along the roads, public schools, and near their houses. Most of the families were in need of food and water.

Conversations with Loreto Barangay Captain Hon. Suzimo Jumila, Jr.

Both teams reflected that there’s also a need of psychosocial intervention for the communities and that most or all of the houses even with partial damaged will be inhabitable.

The second team was supposed to proceed to Municipality of Balillihon but decided to go back because of the flood that was caused by a landslide in the boundary of Municipality of Cortes and Balilihon.  The second team was able to assess the west side towns of Baclayon, Albur, Loay and Loboc. There were only minor damages to houses, the big damaged was to historical churches, and bridges.

A Flood at Barangay Loreto made the road impassable for some vehicles

In the morning we will have a feedbacking with the team together with Bangon Maribojoc Group and Boholunteers of what happened during yesterday 1st relief operations. We were able to talk also to two of CSO partner of Misereor here in Bohol: Irma Pamat of Womens Development Center Bohol and Francis of BIDEF Bohol. Both groups were coordinating also with Social Action Center at Cathedral.

We are looking forward for to the arrival of Kuya Kaloy and Ate Bibing, and Edward Cox of Disaster Aid International.


We are working and coordinating with the following groups  (as of October 18, 2013):

  1. Bangon Maribojoc
  2. Boholunteers
  3. Bangon volunteers
  4. Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV)
  5. Civic education and democracy of Ate Mytee
  6. Marine conservation group of Jong Rojas
  7. Misereor partners c/o Ira Pamat and Francis of Bohol Integrated Development Foundation, Inc. (BIDEF). They are based in the cathedral working with Social Action Center (SAC) and the Bishop. Womens Development Center Bohol is focusing on San Isidro and Antequera. While BIDEF is focusing on Loon.
  8. Fr. Desidereo “Kiking” Magdusaof our Lady of Lourdes, who is also working with Bishop thru SAC.
  9. We have also coordinated with the ICP and local government units.

 Organizations noted to be on the ground in areas visited, also doing assessment:  (as of October 18, 2013)

  1. Habitat
  2. Plan international
  3. Save the children
  4. IOM
  5. Philippine red cross
  6. AMRO


Updates from the Support Team based in Cagayan de Oro:

Available Resources:

Donations and Pledges for BalayMindanaw Disaster Response:

  1. Tata Otero 4,000
  2. Oona Paredes – unspecified amount
  3. Vicky Walo – unspecified amount
  4. Corazon Zamora USD1,000
  5. Friends in US – unspecified amount
  6. Thomas Boehlke P10,000
  7. Goldie Chan – P5,000 c/o km
  8. Anonymous – P20,000 delivered to BM

From Partner Institutions:

1. Johanniter – 240,000 euros

2. DAI, Items ready to be sent:

  • a)           200 lifeboxes
  • b)          Tents
  • c)           Family packs
  • d)          Schools / First aid stations
  • e)          Sky Hydrants
  • f)            Solar gems (solar powered lights)
  • g)          DAI will also be deploying a team of volunteers to Bohol.

3. Del Monte committed to give juices as relief goods



  1. Logistics: 2GO committed to allow us to use scat – to transport relief goods, volunteers, light equipment
  2. Logistics: KOC Parish offered by Fr. Magdusa as operational center together with other volunteer groups
  3. Human Resources:local volunteers ready for mobilization


Summary of initiatives done to date:

  • Coordination with other CSOs, LGUs and relief groups
  • Exploration of routes for transport of volunteers/goods
  • Continuing resource mobilization.
  • Continuing assessment by QAT in Bohol.
  • Area visits done in two municipalities in Bohol.
  • Ongoing canvassing of sources of relief goods.
  • Continuing establishment of partnerships/connections with existing and potential local partners (see QAT report above)


For those who wish to extend assistance, and who already have direct links with local groups already operating in the disaster areas, we suggest that you send your support directly to them.

For those who wish to send their financial support thru Balay Mindanaw, kindly send your donations to:

Peso Account
Account No. 1768022630
Account Name: Balay Mindanaw Foundation Inc.,
BDO Xavier Branch Cagayan de Oro City

Dollar Account
Account No. 101760196639
Account Name: Balay Mindanaw Foundation, Inc.
Swift Code: BNORPHMM
BDO – Xavier Branch – Cagayan de Oro City

Euro Account
Account No. 301760191866
Swift Code: BNORPHMM
Account Name: BalayMindanaw Foundation, Inc.
BDO Xavier Branch – Cagayan de Oro City

You may also send other forms of support to:

53A, 12th Street, Zone 2, Upper Bulua,
Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines

You may also call:

Landline: +63 8822 735946
Mobile phone: +639189182864 (amy salas)
+639177176000 (kaloy)
+639399151592 (bibing mordeno)
+639278165957 (pinky fabe)

Thank you very much.

We refuse to be victims. We choose to be resources.

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