Action Asia Forum gathering 65 delegates from 12 asian countries and 4 non-asia countries in Dili, Timor Leste from Sept 18 to 21, 2012, together with 1996 Nobel Peace Laureate Jose Manuel Ramos-Horta as the Keynote Speaker of the forum.


Dili, Timor Leste, 2012


WE, members of ACTION ASIA, a continental structure of peacebuilders in the Asia-­Pacific region, now gathered for the 4th Peacebuilders’ Forum with the theme TOWARDS A NEW PARADIGM: Civil Society and Government Engagement in Peacebuilding, from exclusive to inclusive peace (from small “peaces’ to BIG PEACE) express our collective AFFIRMATION, SENTIMENT, COMMITMENT, and ASPIRATIONS as we join the World in celebrating this year’s International Day of Peace:

We sincerely AFFIRM ACTION Asia’s shared vision of a world of justice and peace, where basic needs are met, and dignity and human rights are respected; and that is inspired by our Leaders coming from different countries in the region who have demonstrated a commitment to strengthening relationships and ties within the network and peacebuilding community writ large;

We SIGNIFY our deepest concern about the ongoing internal conflicts and emerging territorial conflicts between or among some of the Asian countries;

Hence, we CALL and URGE nations and all stakeholders to address or solve all this through peaceful dialogues and other non violent means; We ENCOURAGE the governments of the region to fulfill their commitments for peace, as well as call upon the Civil Society to work together for these;

We COMMIT to pursue our tasks and aspirations of doing peacebuilding around the world, to name a few, freeing Myanmar from on-­going armed conflicts in the North; Sri Lanka from the present questionable, if not the destructed form of democracy and blanketed reality; coming up of just peace agreements between the Government of the Philippines and the Non-­State Actors valuing the concrete aspirations of peoples and communities in the Philippines; Nepal, from the fragile post conflict transition; Manipur, from the protracted political conflicts; Cambodia, from central power to citizen engagement in country’s development; and Odisha, from the communal violence between tribal groups and Dalits, Hindus and Christians as well as those caused by structural violence – by way of sharing our skills, knowledge, experiences, and resources. And building on our strength, we sustainably provide proactive support to each other by optimizing in-­country processes and initiatives;

We RENEW our commitment and courage, along this year’s theme of the International Day of Peace, which is “Sustainable Peace for Sustainable Future”, to continue building small pieces of peace to BIG PEACE by nurturing the spirit of inclusivity, local engagements, and partnerships upholding unconditional love for humanity and Mother Nature – to benefit not only today’s generation but also the generations to come.

Finally, we BELIEVE that PEACE is POSSIBLE!

September 21, 2012
Dili, Timor-Leste

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