SENDONG UPDATES (As of April 12, 2012)

Balay Mindanaw Disaster Response, Risk Reduction and Resiliency Building Updates
As of April 12, 2012

Dear Friends and Partners,

We are again sharing with you some updates on our continued interventions for the families and communities affected by TS Sendong at this recovery and reconstruction period. This update covers the highlights of activities and resources mobilized, including some learnings and insights for the past three weeks:


1. On Shelter, settlement and non-food items

Shelter and settlement

We already have distributed a total of 700 shelter repair kits to those families with partially damaged houses in Barangays Kauswagan and Bonbon. This is in partnership with Habitat for Humanity.

In the recent distribution of 200 kits, we were challenged by accusation/perception of alleged “biased list of recipients”, and that the Certified List provided by the Punong Barangay still included families that have already received from other partners. We were surprised because the team did actual validation of the list as what has been done in the previous distribution. Analyzing the experience, we realized the gravity of various problems at this recovery and reconstruction period – local dynamics aggravated by feelings of hopelessness and insecurity among IDPs and the hard reality that not all of them will have the opportunity to receive the kit at that given time. They were assured by Habitat though that they would be the next recipients the next time around. Here are some affirmations of the “do-no-harm” framework as regards transfer of resources:

  • To facilitate the next distribution the quickest time (to also prevent the team from too much exposure to risk); if doing it by zone could help, we would do it;
  • To personally validate the list with the zone leaders and not trusting so much on the contact’s reports;
  • To request visibility of the barangay officials, especially of the Punong Barangay;
  • To maintain express lane for special assistance to vulnerable sectors – pregnant women, elderly and persons with disability.

A more sustained or “transformational partnership” between BMFI-HfH has also been discussed. Meeting at some crucial values and principles including 1) Child-Friendly, which emphasizes on advancing children’s right to survive, right to be developed, and right to be protected; 2) Green Community; and 3) Families are resilient and empowered, both have agreed to complement and supplement each other’s resources beyond the Shelter Repair Kits (SRK) distribution. One agreement was for both organizations to closely work in common areas such as Indahag, Gusa, and Taguanao. A common CO-CD program shall be developed in these areas.

Balay Mindanaw was also able to have an ocular visit to HfH’s model quadruplex houses (with furniture and fixtures) in Calaanan. As observed, some families at the Shelter Box Village (tent city) just adjacent to the Habitat build area were also able to see the on-going house builds. This made us happy that they have slowly moved on after the disaster.

A mini conference on Alternative Community Housing Models has also been facilitated by the Multi-sectoral group. It aimed at having a grasp of the on-going builds/various houses in the city, and identifying best features of each model. Each builder group presented their design, the required land area, cost and returns. The National Housing Authority (NHA), Habitat for Humanity, IOM, UN Habitat, the City LGU, and CRS were the presenters. This ended up with an agreement to have another housing summit in May inviting more representatives from the IDPs and partners. The conference has also helped clarify the unfounded rumors that some families in the two tent communities would be transferred to another transitional shelter, which according to the IDPs will be very unfavorable and taxing.

Holcim (Cement Corporation) is interested to underwrite the Multi sectoral group’s future meetings and conferences under their corporate social responsibility program.

Non food Items

Just recently, we received a box of relief goods from the Filipino-Irish friends of Cindy Mae Caalim-Vergara, one of the first SIADOs of BMFI now working in Mullinger, Ireland. The box contains used clothing for kids and adults, blankets, towels and other assorted goods.

2. On Water supply, sanitation, and hygiene promotion

Kuya Fish Campaign thru Masa and Issey (Coordinator) will send P50,000 to P60,000 as a support to the development of deep well as alternative source of water for TC1 in Indahag. The cost estimates – bill of materials and labor – was prepared with the help of a master plumber.

As we mentioned in the previous report, the CRS ended its delivery of water in March. As an immediate stop-gap measure, we again tapped the support of FIBECO and the 4ID for the continued water supply in the two areas while looking at other possibilities for a more sustained water supply in the area.

Today, WaSH committee leaders will undergo training with CRS for a more efficient management and monitoring of WaSH in the two communities. CRS will also have the formal turnover of the tasks to BMFI.

3. On Health services

We are part of the Mental Health Psycho-social Services (MHPSS) Technical Working Group, to meet on 18 April at the City Health Office to discuss about strategic cluster interventions. Upcoming is training on psychiatry for doctors. As regularly done, we are encouraged to do referrals as the need arises.

4. On Food Security, Nutrition and Food Aid

We were able to provide packages of food items to the 35 families at the Regional Science High School. Of the three tent communities, this is the only area wherein located inside the school premise; they said they do not have that enough space to have backyard gardens unlike in the other two tent communities in Indahag.


On-going livelihood ventures are the IDPs’ rug making (mostly by women), small barbecue stalls, buying and selling of goods at the market, sari-sari store and hollow block-making by some men. We are still looking for some opportunities to help the IDPs have a more sustainable source of income, which they will develop until they be finally settled in their permanent shelters.


We attended the Barangay Level Workshop on Disaster Mitigation through the National Greening Program (NGP) at the VIP Hotel. It was spearheaded by UP Los Banos, DENR and Gising Barangay Movement (GBM), and was participated mostly by Barangay local officials of Cagayan de Oro City and Bukidnon. Also representing the CDO-Bukidnon River Basin Council in the gathering, we gave our support to advance pro-active participation in the River Bank Rehabilitation, hence the planting of trees, bamboos and some fruit trees along the major riverbanks and tributaries. The DENR, with the other government line agencies, was tasked on the delineation of legal easement of riverbanks.

It was also agreed that Geo-Hazard maps will be provided to the barangays. The DILG will ensure the availability of the said maps. Social media networks such as Facebook will be used to intensify campaign of the NGP; the youth sector, especially the Sangguniang Kabataan will be tapped for this campaign. Finally, the National Greening Program (NGP) will be integrated in the Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Plan of every barangay.


To date, we have received a total amount of P14, 400,072.67; with cash amounting to P4,692,425.67, and non-cash P9,707,647.00.

Cash Donations Received from March 15 to April 10, 2012:

03/15/12 PEF – FIRST TRANCHE Php 129,000.00
03/19/12 FASE Php   29,128.00
03/27/12 KUYA FISH CAMPAIGN Php     8,060.00
03/30/12 ANONYMOUS Php  700,000.00
04/03/12 Sarangani Province – Gov. Dominguez Php  500,000.00
04/10/12 SACRED HEART CATHOLIC CHURCH $           315.00

Thank you for the continued support (technical, moral, financial, etc.) as we go on assisting our affected fellows in their “building back better”, and in our commitment of helping build resilient communities.

Daghang salamat,

Balay Mindanaw


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