January 2012

Ignoring international humanitarian standards yet another disaster?

It was in the wee hours of 17 December 2011 that I witnessed the whirling and whistling winds ravaging part of the ceiling of our family dwelling, even if there did not seem to be that much rain. Not only once nor twice, but several text messages came in from Kaloy forwarding the hotlines of the 4th Infantry Division (4ID), and informing me how colleagues had rescued some families of fellow Balay Mindanaw workers

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Ayi on Sendong 5: 30 days after

Last of a series by Ariel C. Hernandez, [Written late in the evening of January 16 until the wee hours of the morning of January 17, 2012]

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The Wrath of Sendong

As the world prepares for Christmas and New Year, the cities of Cagayan de Oro and Iligan in Northern Mindanao, Philippines were wrecked and inundated

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