Disaster Response to Typhoon Yolanda Update from Team Leyte – Day 3

Dear Friends and Partners,

As our Quick Assessment Team exited from Ormoc two days ago and was replaced by a relief team, they sent to us the following report:

The QAT was able to visit 3 municipalities/parishes just outside Ormoc City, as follows:

1. Merida
2. Curva
3. Linao
General Observations
– All these municipalities experienced extreme damage of their homes and agricultural lands.
– All parishes were damaged, with some roofs having collapsed.
– No relief assistance have been received in these areas yet.
– There was an overwhelming need for food.
Observations from Ormoc City:
– Smart WiFi is quite slow but the team is able to open websites and browse.
– Robinsons Mall has opened but with a controlled number of people going in.
– ATMs have now opened.
– Gasoline stations have opened, with long lines of people who want to buy gas.
– Lodging houses and hotels are only receiving guests with purposes or missions related to typhoon Yolanda. Public accommodations are still unavailable.
– People have access to water.
– The overwhelming need is still for food, especially for rice.
for visitors/guests going to Ormoc:
– Be sure to bring flashlights or torch lights. Solar lights are recommended. Hotels and lodging houses turn on their generators based on a schedule.
– Connect with people in Ormoc and asks for recommendations for accommodations. Make sure that you connect 2-3 days before arrival.
– For guests who want to go around town for assessment, we advise taking motorized public vehicles. (Gas/fuel is limited and controlled)
– Bring personal medicines, biscuits and chocolates.
– Some food lofts have opened up but it is still recommended to bring canned goods and bread for personal consumption.
– 10-to-11-seater vans going to Tacloban charge high rates (8-10 thousand). Single motorized vehicles cost 3 thousand.
That is all. See you later, BMG family!
We Refuse to be Victims, We Choose to be Resources.

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