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The Higaunons’ Sayuda daw Buntola

Sayuda daw Buntola is a Higaunon term that refers to a gathering of the Higaunons in order to discuss concerns, resolve issues and conflicts. For the past year, three gatherings were conducted in the areas of Sangalan in Gingoog City, Simbalan in Agusan del Norte and Pulangui Talugan in Bukidnon. The get together of Higaunons from different gaops and talugans signifies camaraderie that despite the political division amongst them, they still want to strengthen their tribe.

The Story of ‘Naabat Gaop’

Since time immemorial the name “Naabat” designates to a truly revered place for the Higaunon people. It serves as one of the earliest known “safe haven” of the tribe where around 40 to 50 pure Higaunon families peacefully dwell. It is the same sanctuary where Buuya Binu-aya, the legendary tribal warrior recognized as “the greatest alimaong” who ever lived in the history of Higaunon ancestors, comes from. Binu-aya is known for his grand courage, honor and his being a remarkable disciplinarian in the record of Higaunon tribal defense of the “walu ha talugan” (eight talugans).

An activist deals with the military

Two batches of Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) from the Echo Company of the 5th Infantry Battalion of the 1st Infantry Division of the Philippine Army were gathered at the Balay Mindanaw Peace Center to attend a training on Conflict Management and Peace Building.