KatilingbanongPamahandisaMindanaw Foundation, Inc. (KPMFI) or the Community Wealth Creation Initiatives in Mindanaw is a proud member of the BalayMindanaw Group of NGOs and known to be the Social Enterprise institution of the group. KPMFI was registered in the Securities and Exchange Commission in October 17, 2006. It hopes to create positive social change within the framework of Sustainable Integrated Area Development and social entrepreneurship. For more than eight years, KPMFi has been developing and promoting social enterprise models and entrepreneurship programs together with its partner communities. Its core business is transforming poor households into sustainable and resilient entrepreneurs.

KPMFI is also actively involved in the Disaster Risk Reduction, Resiliency-building and Emergency Assistance Mission (DREAM) Program of the BalayMindanaw Group. Its primary task within the DREAM continuum is the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the disaster affected communities.


KPMFI traces its origin of being an area-based operation team of BalayMindanaw Foundation, Inc. (BMFI) in Gingoog City. It gradually spun-off as a separate organization from BMFI in 2006 to focus more on the local issues and realities of the communities living in the city of Gingoog and its neighboring towns.


KPMFI shares the BalayMindanaw Group’s vision of equity, development and peace in Mindanao, the Philippines and the World.

It also has an internal vision of helping its partner communities, with passion and professionalism at par with national and global standards, to revolutionize production technologies. It also aims to contribute to market reforms thus making it accessible to the poor.


KPMFI’s mission is as follows:

  • Help Build Empowered Sustainable Communities
  • Helping Build Community Sustainable Enterprises
  • Helping Build Opportunities for Wealth Creation for Local Entrepreneurs
  • Helping Build Vibrant Local Economies
  • Helping Build Foundation of Sustainable Peace….
  • Help build a model of a sustainable self-reliant local NGO
  • Helping rebuild and rehabilitate disaster affected communities
  • Helping transform enterprising poor households to become entrepreneurs
  • Helping rebuild survivors of disasters to become resilient communities

Our Core Values

KPMFI is committed to the following shared core values with GMPI:

  1. We Value Historicity
    • We know and we are proud to claim that we are sons and daughters of Balay Mindanaw
    • We know that our mission is a natural evolution of our work in Balay Mindanaw to continually build model to achieve of our Vision of Equity, Development and Peace
    • We remember how the our founding fathers/mothers toiled so hard make our organization continually relevant to the call of the times and sustainable
  2. We are passionately entrepreneurial
    • We continually ask “how can we provide services that are low cost but high in value”
    • We strive hard to teach the value of entrepreneurship to our clients as we also teach ourselves and our family members
    • We fully believe, entrepreneurship in one of the best tool to end poverty
  3. We are a Leading Organization
    • We believe in our intentions and therefore we strive to be first in things that we passionately believe about
    • If we are not the first, we will be the first to introduce innovations in order to change the rules of the games we believe are unjust that favors the few
    • As we lead, we will focus on problem solving and never do problem passing
    • We will strive hard to offer solutions to problems that are considered difficult to solve
  4. We are Happy and Celebratory Organization
    • We believe the more happy we are, the more productive we become as volunteers
    • We value celebration, either success or failure, as our way of remembering our struggles to achieve our vision and mission
    • We will provide spaces for ourselves and our clients to celebrate important milestones both victories and failures to keep us grounded and guided by our historical evolution
  5. We break traditions
    • Apart from being innovators, we choose to break accepted norms that we think have come past its relevance and have been unconsciously supporting the unjust status qou
    • We will introduce counter-cultures that we feel and think will level the playing field for the poor
    • This is our sense revolutionizing how we feel, look and act on things
  6. We are Spiritual
    • We believe that having a heart and a culture of a volunteer makes us spiritually grounded in our daily encounters with challenges and difficulties
    • We believe that faith in our mission and organizational intentions are anchored in our spiritual self
    • We believe that our work is not just like any other work, or for the sake of having a work to raise a family or to live decently, it’s a our daily offering to our Creator
    • We believe that fulfilling our mission is fully aligned to plan of the Creator to make this world a better place to live for us and for the generations to come


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