Balay Mindanaw DREAM Marawi Response As of July 10, 2017

Balay Mindanaw DREAM


Updates for the week



 Providing Food and Non-Food Items

The second leg of relief distribution for the Municipality of Saguiaran was conducted last July 8, with support coming from the Peace and Equity Foundation (PEF), Eisenhower Foundation and Pambansang Kilusan ng Kababihan sa Kanayunan (PKKK), this time covering another three barangays, namely: barangays Limugao, Lumbanayague, and Mipaga. In coordination with the MSWD, food and dignity kits were provided to a total of 600 home-based IDPs in these barangays, containing the following items:

Food Items Dignity Kits
5 kilos rice

½ kilo mongo

½ kilo sugar

6 sachet Milo

6 sachet coffee

3 Tuna Canned Goods

4 pcs Toothbrush

3 pcs soap

6 Sachet Shampoo

1 tube toothpaste

1 pack Sanitary Pads

1 dipper

1 bar laundry soap

In total, the Balay Mindanaw Marawi ER Operations has already provided assistance to 1,489 home-based IDPs in seven barangays in the Municipality of Saguiran.

Local partners like the Pailig Development Foundation, Inc., Bangsamoro Youth Leadership Program (BYLP) Volunteers and Marawi Youth Responders (MYR), Peace in Our Hearts (POH) and a representative from PKKK assisted in preparations / groundworking and actual relief distribution together with the Balay Mindanaw Team and some fellows who volunteered during our previous ER Operations. The municipality also provided 3 local volunteers to assist in the distribution and the Dansalan College provided a space for the team to stay overnight before the actual relief distribution.

There were challenges encountered by the team during the distribution but this did not hinder our humble intention of providing whatever we can to address the continuing needs of the IDPs.


Psycho-Social Support

The Balay Mindanaw PSS Team trained another 20 PSS volunteers last July 5 and 6 from Vamenta Subd, Barra, Opol, Misamis Oriental. This already makes a total of 50 PSS volunteers trained by Balay Mindanaw.

The training provided safe space, sharing, exercises, inputs, allowed discussions and dialogues for the participants. This also generated learning on the importance of PSS, levels of services (pyramid of MHPSS), RA10821-child friendly space, self-care and self-awareness, dialogue about conflict and culture, exercising PSS activities, facilitating PSS activities and critiquing, trust and cooperation and preparedness in the conduct of PSS.

In partnership with the Bangsamoro Youth Leadership Program (BYLP) Volunteers and Marawi Youth Responders (MYR) and Peace in Our Hearts (POH), Balay Mindanaw also helped in the conduct of PSS last July 8 for 548 children in barangays Limugao (201), Lumbanayage (200) and Mipaga (147) – segregated in 3 age groups: 3-5 yo (57 kids) doing coloring, singing; 6-9 yo (80 kids) doing storytelling, coloring, chanting; and, 10-15 yo (64 kids) doing mandala coloring, indoor-outdoor games, singing, reciting Koran verses.

Providing potable water to affected families

The Balay Mindanaw Team together with the NIMT, BFP10, and Baloi-I Fire Brigade continued to provide safe drinking water to 12 Evacuation Centers in the Municipalities of Balo-I, Pantar and Pantao Ragat. The plan of rationing water every other day to these ECs has been implemented by the team to ensure that the families will have enough water for drinking. For the week, they have provided a total of 40,700 liters of water in these ECs.

Through the Skyhydrant Ultrafiltration Unit donated by Disaster Aid International and under the operations of the NIMT, Balay Mindanaw has already provided a total of 101,185 liters of water to 1,761 families seeking shelter in 13 Evacuation Centers in the 3 municipalities, to date. The provision of potable water to these areas has been identified / requested by the WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) Cluster for the NIMT to focus.

But there is still a need for providing additional clean water containers (jerry cans) to all the families and hopefully setting up more bladders in big ECs so the families will not have to queue and can access potable water anytime.



Balay Mindanaw met with the 4th NIMT for the NDRRMC Emergency Operations Ceter (NEOC) for the Marawi Response. An orientation and planning for the continued water rationing in the municipalities of Balo-I, Pantar and Pantao Ragat was done together with the new NIMT.

Balay Mindanaw also continues to participate in cluster meetings relevant to our ER operations. Last July 9, the team attended a Strategic Response Planning particularly for the WASH Cluster to identify targets and get commitments from other stakeholders to help in addressing current gaps and other needs per sector.



Cash received:

As of July 9, 2017, we have received a total of P2,035,040.35 cash donations from the following:

Date Reference Donor  Amount (Php)
05/29/17 17851 AMSUA INCAO            10,000.00
05/29/17 17853 MIREN SANCHEZ – GEN SAN                    29,500.00
05/29/17 17854 ESTER ISBERTO – MSU GENSAN                    10,000.00
05/30/17 17852 SALLY JO BELLOSILLO  – CEALESTIS PRODUCTIONS                    10,000.00
05/31/17 17855 ESTER ISBERTO – MSU GENSAN                    10,000.00
06/01/17 17856 MIRIAM COLLEGE                    17,000.00
06/01/17 17857 CABUSTAM CLUSTER                    30,000.00
06/02/17 17858 ANONYMOUS                       2,500.00
06/02/17 17859 PAG INUPDANAY C/O TEODY PENA                    10,000.00
06/02/17 17861 ANONYMOUS                       3,000.00
06/07/17 17862 NATCCO NETWORK                    20,000.00
06/07/17 17860 C/0 VASMA HASSAN – MSU-GENSAN                    12,684.00
06/07/17 17863 ANONYMOUS                       2,000.00
06/08/17 17864 MINCODE                    50,000.00
06/09/17 17865 ANONYMOUS                       2,000.00
06/13/17 17866 ANONYMOUS                       6,000.00
06/14/17 17867 ENFID GERMANY                    32,156.35
06/14/17 17868 FSSI                  500,000.00
06/15/17 17869 ANONYMOUS                    15,000.00
06/19/17 17870 PAG INUPDANAY                    20,000.00
06/23/17 17871 SAMDHANA                  289,200.00
06/23/17 17872 ANONYMOUS                       1,000.00
06/29/17 17873 MAANN BALUTE PACION                       3,000.00
07/03/17 17874 LANDBANK OF THE PHILIPPINES                    50,000.00
07/07/17 17875 EISENHOWER FRLLOWSHIP ASSO. OF THE PHILS.                  900,000.00
Total          2,035,040.35

Disbursements and payables as of July 9 is P1,843,902.67.


Non-cash received:

Date Donor Organization / Address Qty. Items Estimated Cost
06/01/17 CSWD Cagayan de Oro 20 sacks Rice                  35,000.00
06/01/17 TEAM ENERGY 1,000 PACKS FOOD PACKS                250,000.00
06/03/17 DISASTER AID INTERNATIONAL AUSTRALIA 5 PCS TENTS                  75,000.00
06/04/17 DISASTER AID INTERNATIONAL AUSTRALIA 2 PCS TENTS                  30,000.00
06/15/17 STEPH CARAGOS SINTACTICS 26 packs of 1.5 kls Red Rice                    2,000.00
06/15/17 STEPH CARAGOS SINTACTICS FOOD & NON-FOOD                    4,000.00
06/16/17 DISASTER AID INTERNATIONAL AUSTRALIA 2 TENTS                  30,000.00
06/22/17 VIOLETA CORRAL QUEZON CITY 1 box Used Clothing                    1,000.00
06/23/17 EISENHOWER EISENHOWER 1,000 PACKS FOOD PACKS                500,000.00
06/26/17 Gaston Z. Ortigas Peace Institute c/o Karen Tañada Manila 250 pcs Female under garments
06/26/17 Meisie Junior and Senior High School Japan Used shoes
06/30/17 NIMT water tankers / fire trucks                300,000.00
07/03/17 PKKK PKKK 33 SACKS RICE                  70,000.00
07/08/17 Peace in Our Hearts PSS materials
07/08/17 Ateneo COPERS, Jet Mondares and Lyra Versoza Children’s kits, guides and drawing materials
07/08/17 Dr. Mary Gomes Slippers
TOTAL               1,434,500.00



Name Organization / Address Amount
Total   P18,075.00

For those who have not been acknowledged, please send us a copy of your deposit slip so that we can acknowledge you accordingly.

You can also help by depositing whatever you can to these bank accounts:

Balay Mindanaw Foundation Inc.
Xavier Branch
BDO Peso Account #001768022630

Balay Mindanaw Foundation Inc.
Xavier Branch
BDO Dollar Account #101760196639

We were able to do all these because of your donations and support…Thank you very much to all our donors and volunteers….

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