Balay Mindanaw's stand on PDAF: Abolish, not just Rename; Punish, not just Investigate.
Balay Mindanaw’s stand on PDAF: Abolish, not just Rename; Punish, not just Investigate.

Today, not only a million but millions of Filipinos, not only in Manila but all over the nation and the world, will individually and collectively express our rage against the unimaginable magnitude of corruption that has been institutionalized and perpetuated through the pork barrel system.

As Mindanawans and as Filipinos, we refuse to remain victims to this despicable and criminal practice that allows legislators and their co-conspirators in the executive department, and pseudo-NGOs to undermine democracy and make the lives of the poor even more miserable, especially the Moros, the Lumads, the landless farmers and farmworkers, and the exploited peoples of Mindanao.

We shall continue to refuse to be victims of this system. We shall continue to find creative and peaceful means to contribute meaningfully as we humbly offer ourselves as resources as we struggle to rise again as a people.

We join the millions, not just a million, as we demand:

  • Abolish, not just rename the PDAF!
  • Prosecute and punish, not just investigate the perpetrators and criminals!
  • Seriously Institutionalize Participatory, Accountable, Responsive and Transparent Governance especially the right of the people to freely access information!

Today, as Mindanawans and as Filipinos, we in Balay Mindanaw will not go to Luneta.

We will express our solidarity with the people right where we are – here in Mindanao.

Balay Mindanaw Group of NGOs
26 August 2013, Mindanao, Philippines