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February 21, 2013

Balay Mindanaw DR Update No. 3/2013
January 24 – February 12, 2013


Balay Mindanaw has for a while taken time to sit, reflect, consolidate and cherish both gains and challenges experienced for the past year 2012. It has as well planned out next steps for 2013, with the re-affirmed spirit to continue working with the local communities. This year-ender assessment and planning should have been done in Baguio City on 3-8…

February 08, 2013

“People from my barangay now become fearful when it rains and the wind starts blowing hard,” says Nita Penas, a midwife from San Isidro in Baganga.

During the last Christmas eve, a low pressure area hit Davao Oriental. This sent many a resident of Barangay San Isidro to panic and pack their things to evacuate.

“It wasn’t until I talked to some of them that they calmed down.” Penas says.