Balay Mindanaw Disaster Response Update

December 24, 2012

Dear Partners,

As we celebrate the coming of Christ, our role model of love and generosity, we again humbly share with you this update.

“Survivors’ Active Participation, Inclusive Partnership, Inclusive Peace”

Here is our update for the period 18-24 December 2012. This contains the area updates, updates on resources received, and the team plans after Christmas:

Area Updates:

One week after we decided to pursue community-based, barangay-focused disaster response work, we have made Barangay Ban-ao in Baganga, Davao del Sur the locus and focus of our intervention.

The barangay has since then become the “home” of Balay Mindanaw staff and volunteers. It has also become the venue of on-the-ground partnership building with other institutions. Marcel R. Rinon (Deputy Director) and Philip Fortuno of ABS-CBN Sagip Kapamilya together with Col Tony Cacayuran of the AFP’s Engineering Battalion visited Barangay Ban-ao. They conducted damage and loss assessment (DaLA), specifically of the Ban-ao Elementary School. The school they said would be rehabilitated by Sagip Kapamilya, and hopefully be completed or fully furnished before classes resume in January 2013. They cited appreciation of Balay Mindanaw’s “community-based approach” in doing emergency response, and in making Ban-ao a showcase for the entire municipality or province.

We have also advised partners and donors to directly deliver their goods to the barangay.

Mr. Dave Tuzewske of Disaster Aid International, in a TV interview said that the disaster in Ban-ao is worse than Sendong as the damage and loss of the whole area is very extensive. Mr John of Shelterbox also connected with us, providing us 200 additional tents for Ban-ao. More tents are coming he said, next month.

Not less than 50 community leaders and residents have been consistently participating in the clean-up drive or clearing work in Barangay Ban-ao. This, despite the consistent heavy rains that come on 30-45 minutes interval. We have availed of an equipment for the digging of coconut trees and flattening of spaces for the tents – a small pay loader. This the “heaviest” available equipment in the municipality. All the DPWH equipment according to Col Kris Mortela of the Incident Command Post (ICP) has been deployed for the clearing of major highways/roads for easier accessibility. We have been paying rentals for this equipment for P 2,000.00/hour including hour of travel from Baganga Poblacion to Ban-ao – out of necessity!

The first 100 priority families have already been identified by the ManCom (Punong Barangay and the Purok/Sitio Leaders). The criteria they used in prioritizating are as follows: with bigger family members; with family members lost or injured; are presently occupying the area allotted for the tent community; and are having pregnant, persons with disability and/or elderly (vulnerable) members in the family.

With the news of Typhoon Quinta’s possible landfall in the same area as Pablo’s on 23 December – the plan of setting up the first 50 tents have been reset to 27 December 2012. The ManCom instead prepared for possible areas for evacuation and identified priority things to prepare for the said event. It was cited that if possible, the barangay would have ZERO casualty this time as it had the highest number of deaths (17 actual) during Pablo.

Before leaving the area on 21 December, we had the goods distribution with every family being provided with the kitchen and non-food items, food items, clothing and the like. The leaders were given cell phone loads for easier access to communication. The most vulnerable Purok (Masipag B) has also been provided with a “trapal” for their instant community evacuation center in case Quinta really comes. 

Col Kris Mortela sent a squad of soldiers headed by Lt Joy Benitez (also from West Misamis Oriental) to help assist us in the daily tasks. The good colonel also gave his share by personally doing clean-up drive inside the school campus -making drainage, etc. From time to time, he also finds time to talk with the team for latest updating. His team has also started preparing the nursery area for immediate food and cash crops/products.

Continuing challenges:

• Heavy equipment (bulldozer, back hoe) for the uprooting of coconut trees to accommodate more tents
• 8 latrines/toilet bowls for the 4 tent sites
• Faucets, pipes for the 4 WaSH areas 
• Need for carpenters for the setting up of 4 community kitchens, 10 bathing rooms, 8 comfort rooms
• Plumber/s for the WaSH and jetmatic pump installation (the only plumber in the barangay has been injured)

The need for food items, non-food items, kitchen ware sets, and hygiene sets is also continuing. They also cite the need for shelter repair kits and some fishing vessels and/or gears. Most highlighted in the latest meeting is the need for livelihood opportunities. This, they said for them to re-start normalizing their daily incomes however small, and slowly detaching themselves from dependency on relief support.

Aside from Barangay Ban-ao, we also have given 16 rolls of “trapal” to Sta. Josefa, Agusan del Sur. As of this time, a number of families still need shelter repair kits, more food and non-food items, and kitchen ware kits especially those continuing their stay at the Municipal Gym transformed into an Evacuation Center.

Updates on Resources Received 

Total CASH DONATIONS : Php 1, 538, 370. 60 (December 21, 2012)
Total CASH DISBURSED : Php 1, 023, 000. 00 
Total CASH PLEDGES : Php 243, 983. 69


1. Jollibee Foundation – 15 sacks of Rice
2. Lapasan Barangay Health Center – Doxycycline
3. Carmen Dagapioso – 1 doz (spoon, fork, glasses and plates);
2 kerosene gas stove; blankets
4. Misamis Oriental Provincial Health Office – 4 boxes of Syringe (100 pcs/box);
6 boxes of Heavy Duty Masks; (20 pcs/box)
5. KKP-Xavier University – 33 boxes of Mineral Water ( 20 bot/1lt/box)
7. Dr. G Anne Garcia (Delos Santos Hospital) – Medicines
8. Dr. Leo Notario – Medicines
9. Dr Bernard Cepeda – Medicines
10. Cindy and Noel Vergara – 5 sacks of rice
11. Mr & Mrs GAlla (Patag, CdO) – 2 sacks of used clothing
12. Dr Maria Regina Mercado -Medicines
13. RTC-10 Branch 40 – 7 bags of used clothing
14. Southern Philippines Theosophical Foundation, Inc. – 3 big boxes of assorted non-food
items (hygiene kits, blankets and
mosquito nets)
15. Zuellig Pharma – 785 bags (bag content: blanket,
mat & cooking pot); 26 bags (bag content: mat, blanket, single mosquito net, 2 big t’shirts and 4 kiddy t’shirts)
16. Office of the Civil Defense – 4 boxes of Assorted medicines from OCD
17. Ms. Tieza Santos – 15 boxes paracetamol &
3 boxes Oral Rehydration Salts
18. Mr and Mrs Portia Yap – 2 sacks of 25kl/sack or rice
19. Ms Teresa Lopez – 2 boxes of used clothing
20. Children’s Hour foundation – 60 boxes biscuits, 30 boxes noodles,
109 boxes of 330ml bottles water &
106 boxes 500ml

21. Tanya Hamada – Cell phone cards worth P 5,400
22. O’Carmelites at Sacred Heart Parish in San Francisco, Agusan del Sur : volunteers for repacking of goods/physical space for goods; volunteers’ and staff lodging space
23. Staff provided by PhilDHRRA
24. Volunteer soldiers, army truck and delivery of goods to Baganga, Davao Oriental provided by the 26th Infantry Batallion
24. Department of Agriculture – RFU-X through Dir. Lealyn Ramos – /½ kilos of Vegetable
seeds (cucumber ½ kl, patola 1 kl, Upo 1 kl,
hot pepper 1 kl, Mustard 1 kl, squash 1 kl,
kangkong 1 kl, okra 1 kl, pechay 1 kl, pole
sitao 2 kl) for backyard gardening
25. Ms Candice Bamby Rosales – Assorted adult medicine
26. Ms. Imee Binky Rosales – Assorted adult medicine donated
27. Team Energy – Goods

DETAILS OF CASH DONATIONS = Php 1, 538, 370.60

1. Imelda Lao – 100, 000
2. Angie Legara – 5, 000
3. Evelyn Buenaventura – 5, 000
4. Lourdes Veneracion – 1, 000
5. Teodorico Peña – 20, 000
6. Jennifer Oreta – 10, 000
7. Annette Balaoing – 5, 000
8. Victor Gerardo Bulatao – 20, 000
9. Karen Tañada – 5, 000
10. Center for Peace Education – 10, 000
(Miriam College and Kilos Kapayapaan)
11. Kidlat de Guia – 5, 000
12. Gaston Z. Ortigas Peace Institute – 5, 000
13. Phillip Lo -100, 000
14. Brenda Batistiana – 5, 000
15. Pag-Inupdanay Inc. – 20, 000
16. Jasper and Azon Llanderal – 20, 000
17. Southern Philippines – 10, 000
Theosophical Foundation, Inc. (check)
18. Ayala Foundation – 500, 000
19. Ateneo de Zamboanga University – 50, 000
20. Gabay Bayanihan (GABBY) – 200, 000
21. Mr. & Mrs. Francisco Fajilan – 2, 000
22. Ms. Jean Aclan & Family – 2, 000
23. Anonymous Deposited in Edsa Cubao branch – 40, 400
24. AIM MBA Batch 1992 (check) – 100, 000
25. NATCCO – 25, 000
26. Ms. Tieza Santos – 500.00
27. Ms Emma Leslie and Sister – 15, 600
28. Ms Ardesa Dinapo (Afghanistan) – 2, 800
29. Mrs. Tanalgo – 2, 000
30. Anonymous – 4, 012 (Deposited Dec 18)
31. Anonymous – 7, 607. 55 (Deposited Dec 19)
32. Vicky and Dante Gomez – 5, 000
33. Anonymous – 3, 250 (Deposited Dec 20)
34. Kathie and Ron Graham – 7, 958. 80
35. Luz Villasanta – 10, 000. 00
36. Reggie Villasanta – 10, 000
37. Anonymous – 50, 000 (Deposited Dec 20)
38. Mr Ralph Casino – 100, 000.00

Dollar Donations Received:

39. Ms Marilou Gaite- Faber – $ 495.00 (Php 20,567.25, $1=41.55)


1. Cash Pledges = Php 184, 983. 69
a. Pesos = Php 162, 000. 00

Anonymous= 60, 000
Mr. Yuji Terada = 5, 000. 00
Department of Agrarian Reform Sultan Kudarat = 47, 000. 00

b. Dollars = US$ 1, 500. 00 (Php 61, 532. 40)

Mrs. Dona = US$100.00
Luz Mojica = US$ 1,000
Sr. Rosario Gaite and Sisters of Mercy = US $ 300
Agnes Galleros-Vallmores = US$ 100

c. Pounds – £ 50.00 (Php 3, 328. 64)

William Neame – £ 50.00

d. Euro – € 150 (Php 8, 122. 65)

Thomas & Ning Boehlke – € 150

e. Undisclosed Amount

Dodong Matura
Rainier Kalis (Singapore)

Pledges in Kind

Jenelyn Andrecuso of Sacred Heart Parish Cebu – noodles, toys, pasta, pasta sauce, clothes, etc

Support from Humanitarian Agencies:

DISASTER AID INTERNATIONAL – 100 Survival Kits and 100 Life Boxes (Disaster Aid Response Team)
Team Energy – Lantern Boxes

SHELTER BOX – 200 Tents
JOHANNITER – Euro 180, 000. 00

PLEDGE/s from Funding Partners:

Canada Fund


26-29 December – 17 volunteers from Campus Ministry, CDO and some BMFI staff to Barangay Ban-ao, Baganga for the installation of the first 100 tents (DAI); simultaneous medical relief and psycho-social activities; kitchen soup; installation of communal facilities; construction of BMFI’s bunkhouse; meetings with other Humanitarian Agencies, etc.

We will have four-site tent community: 1) entrance of the school, 2) before the creek, 3) after the creek, 4) at the uphill. In this regard, we will need the following stuff in order to finally have set up the communal facilities:

– 8 latrines/toilet bowls for the 4 tent sites
– faucets, pipes for the 4 WaSH areas 
– need for carpenters for the setting up of 4 community kitchens, 10 bathing rooms, 8 comfort rooms (kahit isa lang + local carpenters)
– plumber/s for the WaSH and water pump (the only plumber in the barangay has been injured)

28 December – Campus Ministry volunteers’ departure from Ban-ao; to Cateel for debriefing with soldiers/community residents

29 December – departure of Adrian (DAI)

30 December – Relief distribution; leave Ban-ao for the New Year’s

3-4 January 2013 – Back to Ban-ao


Our special thanks to partners and people who were with the team for the period under consideration: VOICE-YOS-NYC; the Good Wednesday Group for Peace from North Cotabato and Maguindanao with their food items; John of Shelterbox, Cris of Mercy Maternity Clinic, and the 67IB.

Our most sincere thanks to the Disaster Aid International (DAI) that went beyond their usual tent building as they also joined us in our organizing work specifically on persistently connecting with UN-OCHA for the implementation of the clustering approach at the municipal level and others. For Dave and Bo who have gone home (but leaving their hearts in Ban-ao); and Ed and Adrian for opting to extend their stay.

For our friends and partners – our sincerest thanks for the continuing trust in us.

Cheers for all this and a meaningful Christmas to everyone!

Balay Mindanaw