SENDONG UPDATES (as of 27 January 2012)

Balay Mindanaw Disaster Response Report
As of 27 January 2012

We gladly and humbly share with you this first report two weeks after we decided to temporarily stop posting daily updates/reports on Balay Mindanaw’s Disaster Response activities as we transition from primarily relief and rehabilitation work to a more long-term programmatic package of interventions.

We have formulated a two-year program we now call the Balay Mindanaw Post-Disaster Recovery, Adaptation and Resiliency Building Program. We will be utilizing the remainder of your generous donations for the initial implementation of this Program. AUSAID has also expressed interest to provide some initial funds. We are now reaching out to you and other resource partners for possible partnerships.

While mapping out strategic long-term interventions, we have also sustained our support work for the three tent communities and five barangays, expanded and strengthened partnerships, and continued exploring and mobilizing more resources. Continue reading “SENDONG UPDATES (as of 27 January 2012)”